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HaMoked provides free legal aid to Palestinians living under occupation and conducts strategic litigation and advocacy against Israel’s violations of international humanitarian and human rights law in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip.
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This site contains information regarding human rights violations in the occupied Palestinian territories
Documents from legal proceedings conducted by HaMoked, Israeli laws, military regulations and other official documents.
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Each month, HaMoked assists hundreds of Palestinians from the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip. People who wish to reunite with their family; to live in their home without fear of displacement; to cultivate their farmlands; to travel within the occupied territories or abroad; to visit their detained loved ones, and more. At the same time, HaMoked pushes for policy changes to bring about systemic improvements in human rights. All our services are provided free of charge. Our work is funded entirely by individuals and institutions in Israel and around the world who share our commitment to universal human rights. Help us continue our vital work!
Help us protect the basic rights of Palestinians living under Israeli occupation
In response to HaMoked habeas corpus petition: State insists on its refusal to provide information on location of Gaza detainees, but for the first time since the outbreak of the war, provides an email address to... Read more 05.05.2024
Individual habeas corpus petitions to locate incarcerated Gazans held incommunicado and in unknown locations by Israeli forces Read more 14.04.2024
For the first time in years, the HCJ approved the punitive demolition of a family home in East Jerusalem following an attack without fatalities Read more 21.03.2024
"Security" Inmates in Prisons inside Israel According to data provided by the Israel Prison Service
Last updated: 01.05.2024
May 2024
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"Security" Detainees
Administrative Detainees
"Unlawful Combatant" Detainees
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Punitive Demolition of Homes
The Status of Palestinians
in East Jerusalem
The Permit Regime
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