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Revocation of residency of a Jerusalem woman who divides her time between Gaza and Jerusalem: the case of FA
5 documents | last update 19.2.2009
FA, a permanent resident in Jerusalem married RA, who lives in Gaza, in 1990. At the time, travel between Israel and the Gaza Strip was free, and did not require permits. After Israel toughened regulations for travel to Gaza, FA received permits issued under the "divided families" procedure, set to formalize the entry to Gaza of Israeli residents and citizens married to Gaza Palestinians. All a...
House demolition for "security needs": the case of MA
2 documents | last update 25.10.2000
On July 15, 1991, military forces arrived at MA's home in the village of 'Ein Qiniya in the Ramallah area. MA was not at home at the time. Despite her absence, the soldiers broke in, instructed a few village youths to remove some of the household items outside, and proceeded to demolish it to the ground without presenting a demolition order. HaMoked contacted the military legal advisor on MA's ...
Death of a 13-year-old girl from plastic bullets: the case of RA
2 documents | last update 11.3.1997
On April 17, 1989, RA, a thirteen-year-old resident of the Duheisha refugee camp in the Bethlehem area, went with a friend to look for her brother. When the girls noticed they were getting close to the scene of a clash between Israeli soldiers and Palestinians, they began to retreat. The soldiers opened fire in their direction. RA was hit at the back of her neck and died instantly. Her friend w...
Soldiers' shooting at a Palestinian vehicle: the case of HB
2 documents | last update 30.8.2004
In February 1994, the B. family was travelling by car from Jerusalem towards Ramallah. They were stopped at a military checkpoint, near the Alon military base. The soldiers on duty inspected the passengers, and allowed them to drive on. When they were about 500 meters from the checkpoint, shots were fired at their car from the roadside. They stopped the car immediately, but a second round was f...
Trapped under the rubble of houses demolished by the military in the Jenin refugee camp: the case of TA
2 documents | last update 14.4.2002
In early April 2002, large military forces invaded the refugee camp in the city of Jenin. During the campaign, concentrated in densely populated areas, the military leveled a substantial area of the refugee camp to the ground, using, among other means, bulldozers and helicopter missiles. Under military procedure, at least 30 minutes before bulldozers start operating in a built-up area, local re...
Authorities’ failure to locate a detainee: the case of W'I
2 documents | last update 29.12.2002
During and following operation "Defensive Shield", the Israeli military detained thousands of Palestinian residents. As the Israeli authorities did not uphold their duty to inform detainees' families as to the fate of their loved ones, many families requested HaMoked's assistance in locating them. Acting on their behalf, HaMoked contacted the military's incarceration control center, responsible...
Inquiry into the shooting death of a toddler in Khan Yunis: the case of MA
9 documents | last update 17.10.2012
On October 2, 2003, MA, a 17-month-old toddler, climbed onto the roof of his home in the al-Amal neighborhood in the city of Khan Yunis in the Gaza Strip. His father, 'AA, was hurrying after him when he heard a shot followed by a cry. When the father reached the roof he saw that his son had been hit and was critically wounded. He rushed his infant son to hospital, where he died two days later. ...
Denial of a family unification application based on a nephew's security record: the case of FJ
2 documents | last update 21.6.2007
FJ, an Israeli resident, lives with her husband, a resident of the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT), and their five children in the Jerusalem neighborhood of a-Tur. In 2006, FJ applied for family unification with her husband. The Ministry of Interior rejected the request on "security grounds" due to the fact that the husband's nephew had committed a suicide bombing. This, however, does no...
Repatriation to the West Bank after years of forced exile in Jordan: the case of HB
2 documents | last update 22.6.2006
HB was born in 1918 in the village of 'Asira ash Shamaliya in the Nablus area, and lived there with his wife and children. He also owns a house and some land there. In 1968, he was arrested, and apparently placed in administrative detention. He was held in prisons inside the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) until he was transferred to the Beer Sheva prison inside Israel. On the night of J...
Family visitations to the Ofer military detention facility: the case of SD
4 documents | last update 1.10.2003
In May 2002, SD was arrested and held on remand at the Ofer military detention facility, which was then two months in operation. Prior to his arrest, SD received routine medical treatment for a mental health condition. After six months in detention, seeing no family other than his sister – at a distance during a court hearing – SD's mental condition was deteriorating. His mother's visitation re...
Abuse and degradation at a military checkpoint: the case of DT
2 documents | last update 25.5.2000
On April 21, 1994, just before noon, DT arrived at the Beit Iksa checkpoint. He was on route, by taxi, to East Jerusalem for a scheduled hospital treatment. DT, who lives near Ramallah, suffers from a disability in both legs caused by polio, and in one arm, caused by a clash with the military in 1989. He did not have a permit to enter Israel at the time, but to the demand of the checkpoint guar...
Innocent bystander killed by the border police: the case of MH
2 documents | last update 4.7.1999
On November 8, 1994, while doing his shopping in Ramallah's city center, MH was hit in the groin by shots fired by border police officers who were in pursuit of stone throwers. MH collapsed and was rushed to hospital, where, after about 30 minutes of failed resuscitation attempts, he was pronounced dead. The inquiry conducted by the Binyamin Brigade Commander that same day, indicated, inter ali...
Death of a 14 year old boy by a soldier’s gunfire: the case of MT
2 documents | last update 28.6.1999
On January 25, 1995, Sergeant Uri Weininger and three other soldiers went on an administrative duty to transport flower containers and concrete blocks back to their base. Traveling along the Tulkarem-Nablus road, the military vehicle passed by some students from the 'Ein Beit el Ma Camp boys’ school, who were going home after school. Weininger, who was the commander, ordered the driver to make ...
House seizure without a warrant and property damage by soldiers: the case of SZ
2 documents | last update 28.8.1992
Early in 1990, soldiers took possession of the roof of SZ's family home in the Duheisha Refugee Camp and set up an observation post on it, without presenting a seizure order. During the many months they remained stationed on the roof, the soldiers caused a lot of damage to the family’s property, threw garbage inside the house, relieved themselves in full public view, and in addition, beat and c...
Settler attacks on farmers during olive harvest season: the case of AM
4 documents | last update 17.9.2006
On October 21, 2002, AM, a resident of Turmusaya in the Ramallah district, was driving to the olive groves on the village lands to assist in the harvest. Despite prior arrangements with the District Coordination Office (DCO) to provide the farmers protection from setters due to recurring harassments on their part, and although harvesters reported suspect settler activity in the area to both the...
Violent assault against minors in Jerusalem: the case of AA, WSh, and JA
2 documents | last update 25.7.2006
At around midday on February 4, 1998, three Palestinian minors, 14-16 year old, were street hawking in the Oranim junction in the Katamon neighborhood in Jerusalem. A border police patrol vehicle, driving the next shift officers to their various positions in the area. The vehicle pulled up close to the junction, two border police officers got out, seized the boys for no reason, and forced them ...
Forced removal to Gaza following release from administrative detention: the case of SW
5 documents | last update 26.7.2006
On February 21, 2005, SW was released from a nine month long administrative detention, as part of Israeli gestures to President Abu Mazen. Despite the fact that SW had been living with his family in West Bank Jenin since 1996 – well known by both the military and the Israel Security Agency (ISA) – the military opted to release him directly to the Gaza Strip, on the grounds that he was registere...
Confiscation and slaughter of livestock: the case of MKh and MD
3 documents | last update 1.2.2009
In the early hours of November 3, 2002, 19 year old MKh, and AD, a minor under 15, both residents of the village of Budrus, went herding their families' goats. Near the village houses, they were stopped by officials acting for the Flora and Fauna Supervision Unit, a governmental agency. The officials asserted the animals had been found herding in the firing range of a military encampment, about...
Deferred release from custody under the Unlawful Combatants Law: the case of HN, BN, AA, HA and MD
8 documents | last update 7.12.2008
During the Second Lebanon War, five men – four of the same family – sheltered from the bombings in the home of one of them. Military forces arrived at the house and captured the men, handcuffed and blindfolded the men, and dragged them for a considerable distance to a helicopter waiting to transport them to Israel. As they arrived to Israel, they were interrogated for many hours in an unidentif...
Obtaining legal status for a stateless youth who is a native inhabitant of Israel: the case of 'AM
2 documents | last update 1.2.2006
According to Israeli records, until the age of 23, 'AM did not exist, this, despite the fact he has lived his entire life in Israel with his mother and siblings who are official Israeli residents. From his birth, his mother attempted to formalize his status, but this did not transpire due to the mother's personal difficulties coupled with outrageous bureaucratic implacability. Therefore, 'AM r... (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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