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A Threshold Crossed: Israeli Authorities and the Crimes of Apartheid and Persecution
Report  |  27.4.2021
You Shall Not Mistreat Her: A Decade since the Promulgation of the Family Unification Procedure for Migrant Victims of Domestic Violence
Report  |  1.8.2018
Source: Hotline for Refugees and Migrants
Getting Off Scot-Free: Israel’s Refusal to Compensate Palestinians for Damages Caused by Its Security Forces
Report  |  12.3.2017
Source:B'Tselem Website
Concluding Observations of the Committee against Torture on the Fifth Periodic Report of Israel
Report  |  3.6.2016
Displaced in their own city: The impact of Israeli policy in East Jerusalem on Palestinian neighborhoods of the city beyond the separation barrier June 2015
Report  |  1.6.2015
From the Ir Amim website
This is How We Fought in Gaza: Soldiers׳ testimonies and photographs from Operation "Protective Edge" (2014)
Report  |  4.5.2015
Report by Breaking The Silence organization
The Turkel Commission Second Report – Israel’s Mechanisms for Examining and Investigating Complaints and Claims of Violations of the Laws of Armed Conflict According to International Law
Report  |  1.2.2013
The second part of the report by the Israeli Government appointed Commission, created following the flotilla to Gaza on May 31, 2010. Among other things, the Commission addresses the investigations conducted by the Complaints Comptroller of the Israel Security Agency (CCISA), stating "there are serious flaws in the effectivity and thoroughness of investigations, and in their speed". The Commiss...
On Torture
Report  |  31.5.2012
"Forget About Him, He’s not Here" Israel’s Control of Palestinian Residency in the West Bank and Gaza
Report  |  1.2.2012
from the website of Human Rights Watch
The IDF and Alleged International Law Violations Reforming Policies for Self-Investigation (Abstract)
Report  |  1.12.2011
Abstract taken from The Israel Democracy Institute website. Complete policy paper available in Hebrew
Alleged Investigation: The Failure of Investigations Into Offenses Committed by IDF Soldiers Against Palestinians
Report  |  1.8.2011
A report by Yesh Din uncovering the systematic flaws which prevent the success of MPCID investigations into offences committed by soldiers against Palestinians. Consequently, 96.5% of complaints filed are closed without indictments. The report is based on Yesh Din's monitoring of 192 complaints and analysis of dozens of investigation files, covering diverse offences against Palestinians and the...
Seven years after the Advisory Opinion of the International Court of Justice on the Barrier: The Impact of the Barrier in the Jerusalem area
Report  |  11.7.2011
East Jerusalem: Key Humanitarian Concerns - UN OCHA special report
Report  |  24.3.2011
Report by OCHA on the main humanitarian issues in East Jerusalem. Among other things, the report examines the residency status of Palestinians from East Jerusalem; planning, zoning and building demolitions in the occupied territory; settlements; the separation barrier in the Jerusalem area; and limitations on access to education and health. The report notes that according to international human...
EU heads of mission report on East Jerusalem
Report  |  23.11.2009
Consideration of Reports Submitted by States Parties under Article 19 of the Convention, Concluding Observations of the Committee against Torture, ISRAEL
Report  |  14.5.2009
Exceptions: Prosecution of IDF soldiers during and after the Second Intifada, 2000-2007
Report  |  28.10.2008
A report by Yesh Din on the outcome of indictments against soldiers charged with offences against Palestinians and their property from September 2000 to the end of 2007. The report reveals that indictments have been filed in only 6% of all investigations opened in the period covered by the report. The report also shows that although thousands of Palestinians had been killed in that period, sold...
No Defense: Soldier Violence against Palestinian Detainees
Report  |  1.6.2008
from the website of The Public Committee Against Torture in Israel (PCATI)
Held Back: Students Trapped in Gaza
Report  |  1.6.2008
Report by Gisha regarding the restrictions Israel places on students from the Gaza Strip wishing to travel abroad for academic studies. The report recounts the stories of several students who had been accepted into academic programs and awarded scholarships, but Israel refuses to allow them to travel abroad for no substantive reason. The report stresses that Israel is denying the students their...
"Family Matters" - Using Family Members to Pressure Detainees
Report  |  1.2.2008
Report by the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel on the phenomenon of using threats to harm relatives as a means of pressuring interrogees in ISA interrogations. The report describes six cases, including a false arrest of relatives, and an actual arrest of relatives who were suspected of nothing. The report emphasizes that threats to harm relatives constitute emotional torture, which is...
Backyard Proceedings: The Implementation of Due Process Rights in the Military Courts in the Occupied Territories
Report  |  1.1.2008
From the website of Yesh Din (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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