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A precedential judgment by the Appeals Tribunal invalidates a decision by the Ministry of Interior to deport from Jerusalem a mother for her son's actions
Trapped between Police and Prison Service negligence and Interior Ministry bureaucracy: Teenager released from prison without his ID card cannot leave his neighborhood. Only following HaMoked's intervention are his personal effects returned
Human rights and civil society organizations severely criticize, in a letter to the Attorney General, the conduct of the Israel Police during the arrest of Mr. Jafar Farah, Director of the Mossawa Center
Human rights organizations to the HCJ: decide on the petition to revoke the rules of engagement in Gaza
17 Human Rights and Civil Society Organizations Call on Israel to Take its Finger off the Trigger
HaMoked and Ma'an: The change announced by the Ministry of Interior, following a petition by the organizations, is insufficient. The intolerable overcrowding and inhuman conditions at the Population and Immigration Authority and the Employment Services building in East Jerusalem must be resolved immediately.
HaMoked to the Military: cancel the arbitrary demand that owners of land in the "Seam Zone" undergo an expensive bureaucratic process in order to be issued new entry permits
Human Rights Groups in response to government's decision to deport HRW official: There's no hiding the occupation
Following HaMoked's 7 year battle: a 16 year-old boy raised by a foster family in East Jerusalem will receive permanent residency status in Israel
New report by HaMoked: Childhood in Chains - The Detention and Interrogation of Palestinian Teenagers in the West Bank
HaMoked in a petition to the HCJ: instruct the military to provide information regarding entry permits to the "Seam Zone", in response to a request submitted more than nine months ago
Human rights organizations in a petition to the HCJ: revoke rules of engagement permitting live fire at demonstrators who do not pose a threat
Human rights organizations petition the High Court of Justice against the endless wait for Palestinians who need permits to enter Israel from the Gaza Strip
The High Court of Justice approved the punitive demolition of a family home of 7 people in the West Bank: the landlord is a disabled man living in Jordan
Ministry of Interior response to HaMoked's Freedom-of-Information request: In 2017, Israel revoked the permanent residency status of 35 East Jerusalem Palestinians
HaMoked contests revocation of status of four East Jerusalem residents for “breach of allegiance to the State”: retroactive application of unconstitutional legislation
HaMoked to the Court: instruct the Ministry of Interior and the Military to ensure that people entitled to stay permits, as part of family unification processes, receive the renewal before the old permit expires
Judgment in HaMoked’s petition for information concerning three Palestinians’ bodies Israel has failed to locate: the court orders the state to disclose to HaMoked the burial locations that appeared in the original burial records
Following HaMoked’s habeas corpus petition: Israel clarified the instructions for tracing detainees and is formulating a comprehensive procedure on the issue
The HCJ rejected a petition by the family of the victims in the lethal attack in Halamish to completely demolish the attacker’s family home: the attacker's family was not given the opportunity to plead its case before the court (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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