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Urgent petition to Israel's High Court of Justice: Palestinians in Israeli custody, completely isolated due to COVID-19 restrictions, must have phone contact with their families
The closing of the checkpoint at the entrance to A-Nabi Samwil village in the West Bank, prevents the inhabitants from obtaining food supplies and receiving medical treatment: it must be opened immediately
Urgent statement calling on Middle East and North Africa governments to protect the health of prisoners and detainees: at this time of global health crisis, it is vital to ensure optimum medical treatment of inmates and reduce prison populations
HaMoked to the Military: during the current corona disaster, preventing people living in the Jerusalem neighborhoods beyond the separation wall from reaching the rest of the city puts the lives of thousands at risk, citizens residents and stay-permit holders alike
Israeli human rights organizations to the Health Ministry and Magen David Adom: immediately resume provision of emergency medical services in the Jerusalem neighborhoods beyond the Separation Wall; it is the only way to minimize the threat of massive community infections in these densely populated areas of the city
HaMoked to the military: Israelis living with their families in Gaza cannot renew their stay permits at this time; their permits should be renewed automatically
HaMoked to the military: suspend all aspects of the punitive home demolition policy; during the current corona pandemic, such illegal actions could endanger the lives of people
HaMoked to the Prime Minister: the plan to ban the movement of East Jerusalem residents living beyond the Separation wall is unacceptable and illegal and must be cancelled immediately
Human rights organizations call for the urgent reduction of the number of inmates incarcerated by Israel: prison conditions make it impossible to follow the Ministry of Health corona protection guidelines; the lives of many are at stake
Following HaMoked’s demand: the Ministry of Interior announced the automatic extension of stay permits held by Palestinians living in Israel lawfully in the framework of family unification procedures
HaMoked to the Israel Prison Service: the corona emergency regulations must be changed to allow security inmates, especially minors, to maintain phone contact with their families and lawyers; they must also be supplied with sufficient amounts of disinfectants and hygiene products
HaMoked to the military: stop banning farmers with Seam Zone entry permits from reaching their private lands beyond the Separation Barrier; protecting the health of the West Bank population must be done according to the law and using appropriate measures
HaMoked to the Ministry of Interior and the military: so long as the coronavirus crisis continues, the permits of Palestinians living in Israel lawfully must be extended and their non-removal from the country must be guaranteed
Israel currently holds 437 Palestinians in administrative detention, including two minors; 103 of them have been detained without charge or trial for over a year
The HCJ rejected HaMoked’s request for further hearing of the petition against the punitive demolition of a second-floor apartment in an eight-story residential building: No new precedent was set in the judgment regarding the demolition implementation manner
HCJ judgment distributed to the media before it was sent to HaMoked: President Hayut’s Office apologized for the “administration failure”
The HCJ opted not to rule in four HaMoked petitions against night curfews imposed by military order in ‘Isawiya
HaMoked complaint to the Ministry of Justice: the recurring phenomenon of ISA interrogations of minors who are kept in isolation and denied legal counsel must be eradicated
“According to the binding precedent”: the HCJ unanimously approved the punitive demolition of two West Bank homes of the innocent relatives of the suspects in a fatal attack
HaMoked to the HCJ: cancel the nighttime curfew imposed on several residents of the Jerusalem neighborhood of ‘Isawiya under archaic British Mandate legislation (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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