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Violence by Nachshon Unit prison guards against Palestinian minors in custody – complaints to the National Prison Wardens Investigation Unit
HaMoked in a letter of protest to the Minister of Justice and the Attorney General: the last-minute appointment of new judges to the Appeals Tribunal during election period is highly improper
Israel Tax Authority issues directive that enables Palestinians living in East Jerusalem and Israel by virtue of family unification processes to compete in the Israeli labour market and benefit from tax credits
The HCJ allows the punitive demolition of a home in the West Bank: Justice Mazuz in the minority reiterates his position that the policy of punitive demolitions raises difficult legal questions and that he was opposed to harming “uninvolved family members”
Abuse of minors during ISA interrogations at the Petah Tikva interrogation facility – complaints to the ISA Complaints Inspector
Brutal abuse of a minor in Israel Police custody – a complaint to the Police Investigation Unit
HaMoked to the military: Khalida Jarrar, a Palestinian Legislative Council member, by now 20 months in administrative detention, must be released immediately
HaMoked to the High Court of Justice: Residents of the oPt who have been lawfully living in Israel for years, must be given permanent status after they reach their sixth decade. In the absence of any security claim against them, there is no justification to the continued infringement of their rights
HaMoked successfully prevents the deportation to Gaza of a man who finished serving his prison sentence in Israel: Israel has avoided updating the man’s address, although he moved to the West Bank in the 1990s
Following HaMoked’s court petition: the military allowed a PhD student to return to his studies in Algeria, after he was repeatedly prevented from leaving – and following an illicit attempt to pressure him to collaborate
The High Court rejected HaMoked’s request for a further hearing on the judgment allowing the demolition of the family home of a teenager accused of a stabbing attack: despite the unclarity regarding the minor’s motives, the home was demolished for “deterrence”
In a majority opinion, the High Court allows the punitive demolition of the family home of a teenage assailant: doubts are raised in the judgment about the effectivity of home demolitions as a deterrent
The Court for Administrative Affairs rejects State's appeal: the mother of a teenage assailant, who is suspected of nothing herself, cannot be deported as a “deterrent”, or “punishment” or due to “parental responsibility”. The Minister of Interior must base his decision “on pertinent considerations”
Military data obtained by HaMoked reveals: dramatic rise in the denial of access of Palestinian farmers to their West Bank farmlands lying beyond the separation wall. Security is rarely the reason for denying access
Protracted mistreatment in handling a family unification permit-renewal request: Even after the couple agreed to the Ministry of Interior’s unacceptable demand that they pledge to sever contact with the woman’s brother, the woman was left exposed to the threat of deportation for another year
HaMoked to Prime Minister Netanyahu: the bill to displace relatives of assailants is unacceptable and must be shelved
Another home demolished in the West Bank with HCJ approval: in the proceedings it was revealed that the assailant’s will referred to punitive demolitions as one of the motives for the attack
HaMoked Marks 30 Years Defending Human Rights
Attempted collective punishment of children has been blocked: following HaMoked’s intervention, the Ministry of Interior retracted its intent to revoke the status of two East Jerusalem minors who are related to an assailant
The military’s war of attrition against a man trying to access his father's farmland trapped inside the “seam zone”: a year-long battle and numerous interventions by HaMoked were required to renew his “agricultural work” permit (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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