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HaMoked to the Attorney General: the police-authorized presence of the slain victim’s parents during the sealing of the home in Jabal Mukabber echoes a public spectacle at the city square
A spectacle at the city square? The military sealed a home in Jabal Mukabber and the victim’s parents came, accompanied by police officers, to watch the punishment
Updated summary on punitive home demolitions from July 2014 to March 23, 2017
Vindictive policy and collective punishment: the military demolishes the families’ homes, the National Insurance Institute denies benefits, and the Ministry of Interior engages in deportation – thus the state persecutes the relatives of assailants
The Supreme Court in a unanimous decision: the Israeli status of East Jerusalem residents is unique by virtue of the fact that they were born here; therefore, an expired residency status may be restored
HaMoked protests the attempt to discredit its efforts to trace Palestinian inmates: this is another attempt by the system to prevent exposure of its failures and hamper human rights organizations from doing their job
What is going on in Israel’s secret prison? HaMoked asks; the military answers: “We refer you to our response to your previous application on this issue from 2011, enclosed again for your review”, although the 2011 response does not contain the requested information either
HaMoked to the HCJ: it is unthinkable that the Ministry of Interior makes crucial decisions concerning people’s lives in a vindictive and patently biased manner
The bureaucratization of the occupation: The military fails to locate an injured minor arrested by security forces and the state presents a new “official inquiry” form for locating detainees as the latest advancement
Palestinian heads of council, human rights organizations and left-wing groups to the High Court of Justice: revoke the Regulation Law legalizing the expropriation of private Palestinians lands in the West Bank
The house in Jabal Mukabber will be sealed: the HCJ Justices overcame the discomfort involved in the severe harm caused to a young widow and her four children and unanimously approved the punitive sealing order
Human rights organizations in Israel express solidarity with Human Rights Watch: "A state that defines itself as democratic cannot turn its border control into a thought police"
HaMoked to the High Court of Justice: The Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law, which has been extended for about 14 years, requires a fundamental constitutional solution. The Justices: "What has been ruled, stands"
Israeli human rights organizations to the Ambassador of Belgium: the demonstration of support of the international community, including the Belgium Government, for the Israeli organizations is important especially in view of Israel’s anti-democratic policy
The state to the HCJ: the decision to punitively seal a home in Jabal Mukabber is balanced, “in light of the case law which does not preclude use of the Regulation [no. 119] even when there are innocent people who are harmed”
HaMoked forced to seek court intervention again: Waiting conditions in the entrance to the Administration Authority and Employment Services building in Wadi Joz are intolerable – such treatment from public authorities cannot be accepted
In the Kafkaesque world of the Ministry of Interior: an Israeli resident must prove his paternity despite countless proof, while his two young children are left stateless and without rights
Palestinian who has been living in Israel for many years and raises his four children alone is about to be expelled. HaMoked to the High Court of Justice: it is inconceivable that humanitarian cases will fall in between the bureaucratic chairs and individuals in distress will pay the price
Following HaMoked’s petition: the IPS was instructed to explore possible improvements in the sanitary conditions at Shikma Prison; doors separating the toilet area from the rest of the cell have been installed in all ISA interrogation facilities
Following HaMoked’s petition, military updates protocols on confiscation of Palestinian property during arrest raids in the West Bank (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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