Security Prisoner
Security Detainee
Administrative Detainee
Human Rights Defenders
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231 documents, 25 Case Summaries, 91 Updates
215 documents, 12 Case Summaries, 99 Updates
House Demolitions
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Israel’s policy of house demolitions in the Occupied Territories includes the demolition or sealing of houses as a punitive measure where an occupant of the house was involved, or suspected of being involved, in acts of violence. The demolition is base...
Rights of Detainees
450 documents, 22 Case Summaries, 196 Updates
Separation Wall
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The separation wall being built in the West Bank has created enormous changes in surrounding areas. The wall penetrates deeply into occupied territory, creating land enclaves and imprisoning Palestinians in land space cut off from the State of Israel a...
Freedom of Movement
904 documents, 54 Case Summaries, 402 Updates
East Jerusalem
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Respect for the Dead
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In rulings of the Supreme Court, it was held that the fundamental principle of human dignity – a constitutional right in Israel – includes not only the dignity of a person when alive, but also the dignity following his death, and the dignity of the dec...
Secret Prison Facility 1391
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Detention Without Trial
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156 documents, 5 Case Summaries, 53 Updates
The right not to be subjected to torture is an absolute right. International law makes no exceptions to the absolute prohibition on torture – which constitutes a crime against humanity – irrespective of circumstances of war or a fight against terror. T...
Damage to Property
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Residency in the OPT
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Legal - General
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