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For years the Military Advocate General kept "badgering" a Palestinian man who complained of damage done to his home by soldiers: although he gave his statement three times, the Military Advocate General closed the case due to the complainant's lack of cooperation
Soldiers Do Not Lie: CC (Jer.) 8811/04 Abu Snineh v. State of Israel (Judgment of November 9, 2009)
Criticism  |  8811/04  |  1.4.2010  |  Adv. Yossi Wolfson
Unit 202 of the Israeli military has a reputation as being a top operations unit. This is judicial knowledge; or so at least according to the judgment of Judge Malka Aviv at the Jerusalem Magistrates Court in the matter of Abu Snineh. I will confess: this author has no idea what Unit 202 is, or what reputation it has gained. Perhaps this is the root of the problem.The verdict concerns events th...
The Law Applicable to Non-Occupied Gaza: A Comment on Bassiouni v. Prime Minster of Israel
Academic  |  25.2.2009
The paper discusses the relevant legal framework for evaluating the sanctions Israel imposed on the civilian population in Gaza during Operation "Cast Lead", in light of the judgment in Bassiouni, HCJ 9132/07, which dealt with Israel's obligation to provide electricity and fuel to the Gaza Strip. The author assess the HCJ's position in Bassiouni, whereby after disengagement Gaza is not an occup...
Exceptions: Prosecution of IDF soldiers during and after the Second Intifada, 2000-2007
Report  |  28.10.2008
A report by Yesh Din on the outcome of indictments against soldiers charged with offences against Palestinians and their property from September 2000 to the end of 2007. The report reveals that indictments have been filed in only 6% of all investigations opened in the period covered by the report. The report also shows that although thousands of Palestinians had been killed in that period, sold...
The State of Human Rights in Israel and the Occupied Territories
Report  |  9.12.2007
ACRI's State of Human Rights Report, 2007
CC (Jerusalem) 6628/95 - Zayd et al. v. The Israel Defense Forces et al.
Complaint  |  6628/95   |  27.4.1995
Claim filed by HaMoked for damages to a Palestinian family home by soldiers. The soldiers seized the house in Qalandiya for the purpose of observation. The claim also sought compensation for distress and harassment. The parties reached a settlement by which the State paid the Plaintiffs 1500 NIS. Two years later, soldiers entered the home again and caused damage to property. The soldiers assaul...
HCJ 2914/91 - Zarzara v. IDF Commander in the West Bank Petition
Petition to HCJ  |  2914/91  |  14.6.1991 (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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