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For the first time since 2016, the HCJ has cancelled a punitive order for the demolition of a West Bank home; HaMoked’s petition successfully saved a woman and her three young children from becoming homeless
Israel's Top Court Halts Home Demolition of Palestinian Accused of Killing Soldier
Foreign Press, Hagar Shezaf & Netael Bandel  |  25.5.2020
The army didn't issue the demolition order until five months after the attack, meaning it wouldn't serve as a deterrent, justice says
HaMoked to the military: initiate a thorough investigation into the excessive damage caused during the punitive demolition of a third floor apartment in the West Bank
The High Court of Justice approved the punitive demolition of a home during the coronavirus pandemic: HaMoked calls on the military not to implement this judgment at this time, as it could put the lives of the occupants and others in danger
HaMoked to the military: suspend all aspects of the punitive home demolition policy; during the current corona pandemic, such illegal actions could endanger the lives of people
HCJ judgment distributed to the media before it was sent to HaMoked: President Hayut’s Office apologized for the “administration failure”
The HCJ rejected HaMoked’s request for further hearing of the petition against the punitive demolition of a second-floor apartment in an eight-story residential building: No new precedent was set in the judgment regarding the demolition implementation manner
“According to the binding precedent”: the HCJ unanimously approved the punitive demolition of two West Bank homes of the innocent relatives of the suspects in a fatal attack
HCJ 755/20 Maghames v. Military Commander in the West Bank Urgent Petition for Order Nisi and Interim Injunction
Petition to HCJ  |  28.1.2020
The HCJ approved the punitive demolition of four homes in the West Bank; Justice Baron in a minority opinion opposed demolition of three of the homes
Updated summary on punitive home demolitions
The High Court of Justice rejected two petitions by HaMoked against punitive home demolitions and sanctions the demolition of three apartments in the West Bank: Justice Karra in the minority holds that demolishing two apartments in the one case excessively harms innocent people
The HCJ allows the punitive demolition of a home in the West Bank: Justice Mazuz in the minority reiterates his position that the policy of punitive demolitions raises difficult legal questions and that he was opposed to harming “uninvolved family members”
The High Court rejected HaMoked’s request for a further hearing on the judgment allowing the demolition of the family home of a teenager accused of a stabbing attack: despite the unclarity regarding the minor’s motives, the home was demolished for “deterrence”
In a majority opinion, the High Court allows the punitive demolition of the family home of a teenage assailant: doubts are raised in the judgment about the effectivity of home demolitions as a deterrent
Another home demolished in the West Bank with HCJ approval: in the proceedings it was revealed that the assailant’s will referred to punitive demolitions as one of the motives for the attack
Updated summary on punitive home demolitions from July 2014 to 20 September 2018
In an unusual step, the military accepted an objection submitted by HaMoked against a punitive demolition order: the home in Aqraba will not be demolished due to the "circumstances of the matter"
The Israeli military demolished a house in the West Bank: the family chose not to petition against the demolition order to the High Court of Justice due to a lack of faith in the Israeli justice system
Homes surveyed by military but not yet ordered for punitive demolition – as of August 28,
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