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Order Nisi in HaMoked and Ma'an's petition: the State must justify its failure to find a solution for the extreme overcrowding and the intolerable conditions at the entrance to the joint building of the Ministry of Interior and the Employment Services in East Jerusalem
HCJ 1326-17 Odeh et al. v. Population and Immigration Authority Bureaus Department Director Order Nisi
Decision  |  1326/17  |  9.7.2018
HaMoked to the HCJ: the "solutions" proposed by the State to alleviate the overcrowding at the entrance to the joint building of the Ministry of Interior and the Employment Services in East Jerusalem, are insufficient
The State announced its proposed solution for the inhuman conditions at the Ministry of Interior and the Employment Services building in East Jerusalem: Palestinians can now receive services at any Employment Services bureau in the city; no immediate solution to the severe overcrowding at the Ministry of Interior was presented
Trapped between Police and Prison Service negligence and Interior Ministry bureaucracy: Teenager released from prison without his ID card cannot leave his neighborhood. Only following HaMoked's intervention are his personal effects returned
HaMoked and Ma'an: The change announced by the Ministry of Interior, following a petition by the organizations, is insufficient. The intolerable overcrowding and inhuman conditions at the Population and Immigration Authority and the Employment Services building in East Jerusalem must be resolved immediately.
HaMoked to the Court: instruct the Ministry of Interior and the Military to ensure that people entitled to stay permits, as part of family unification processes, receive the renewal before the old permit expires
The HCJ rules: the situation in the East Jerusalem bureaus of the Ministry of Interior and the Employment Service "is unsatisfactory, to say the least"; the state must prioritize the matter and act creatively to resolve it
HCJ 1326/17 Abu 'Odeh et al. v. Director of Department of Bureaus, Population and Immigration Authority et al. Decision
Judgment / Supreme Court  |  1326/17  |  15.3.2018
Transcript of the hearing not yet translated.
Press release: petition to Israeli High Court of Justice: inhuman conditions at the East Jerusalem office of the Ministry of Interior and the Employment Service
In the Kafkaesque world of the Ministry of Interior: perplexing disregard for the complex situation created by the Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law
Vindictive policy and collective punishment: the military demolishes the families’ homes, the National Insurance Institute denies benefits, and the Ministry of Interior engages in deportation – thus the state persecutes the relatives of assailants
HaMoked forced to seek court intervention again: Waiting conditions in the entrance to the Administration Authority and Employment Services building in Wadi Joz are intolerable – such treatment from public authorities cannot be accepted
In the Kafkaesque world of the Ministry of Interior: an Israeli resident must prove his paternity despite countless proof, while his two young children are left stateless and without rights
Relatives summoned to a Ministry of Interior hearing ahead of the revocation of their Israeli status based only on their family link to the Armon HaNatziv assailant: in addition, at the Ministry of Interior bureau, they suffered humiliating treatment at the hands of the security personnel, who placed them under constant guard
Re: Applications for a temporary permit of stay in Jerusalem under Government Resolution 2492 of October 28, 2007
Principal Correspondence  |  8.12.2015
HaMoked to the National Insurance Institute: the NII must deposit pensions it pays out to Palestinians who legally reside in Israel directly into their Israeli bank accounts
HaMoked to the Mayor of Jerusalem: stop the issuing of parking tickets until parking meters are installed in the streets of East Jerusalem and establish proper parking arrangements near the building of the population authority and the employment bureau in Wadi al-Joz
Re: Encumbrance on the residents of East Jerusalem: paid parking in the parking lot of the Population and Immigration Bureau and the Employment Bureau in Wadi al-Joz in Jerusalem
Principal Correspondence  |  5.3.2015
HaMoked to the Ministry of Interior: Do not coerce individuals seeking services in the East Jerusalem office into replacing their ID cards for biometric cards (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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