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HaMoked position paper: Israeli Control of the Palestinian population registry and its implications for Palestinians’ basic rights
Position paper on Israeli Control of the Palestinian Population Registry and its implications for Palestinians’ basic right
Position Paper  |  24.8.2021
Israel Releases Palestinian, Set for Deportation to Brazil, After Over 2 Years in Detention
Foreign Press, Amira Hass  |  2.10.2019
Ma'an Abu Hafez was born in Brazil but moved to the West Bank as a toddler and left no family behind. Israel has been unsuccessfully trying to send him back
HCJ hearing tomorrow regarding young Palestinian man detained for two and a half years pending deportation
Following HaMoked’s intervention: Israel abandons its plan to deport to Jordan a Palestinian living since childhood in the West Bank. The man was released to his home after he was held for some three months in a prison ward for illegal aliens
Perpetual Limbo: Israel's Freeze on Unification of Palestinian Families in the Occupied Territories
HaMoked Report  |  1.7.2006
Second report by HaMoked and B'Tselem on Israel's policy which forces nuclear families in the Territories to live separately. The report focuses on Israel's policy since the second intifada, which freezes processing of family unification applications in the Territories, making the lives of thousands of Palestinian families impossible. (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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