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Israeli human rights organizations to the Health Ministry and Magen David Adom: immediately resume provision of emergency medical services in the Jerusalem neighborhoods beyond the Separation Wall; it is the only way to minimize the threat of massive community infections in these densely populated areas of the city
“If not in a case like this, then when?”: Following pressure from the HCJ in HaMoked petition, the Ministry of Interior undertakes to grant temporary residency status to a Palestinian widow, living in East Jerusalem for 25 years without social security rights
Military data shows Israel continues its hard-hearted policy in denying driving permits on humanitarian grounds to Palestinians undergoing family unification in Israel
New State Comptroller report: sharp criticism over the state’s deficient handling of the civil status of East Jerusalem Palestinians
Under a revised Ministry of Interior procedure: a minor whose parent holds temporary residency status in Israel, is now eligible to receive the same status
Israel Tax Authority issues directive that enables Palestinians living in East Jerusalem and Israel by virtue of family unification processes to compete in the Israeli labour market and benefit from tax credits
Following a prolonged struggle by HaMoked: the military issued permits to two Palestinians, who live in Israel pursuant to temporary stay permits, to drive in Israel for the purpose of taking their sick children to medical appointments
Following HaMoked's petition: some 10,000 Palestinians living in Israel by virtue of family unification processes are no longer categorized as "foreign workers"
HaMoked to the Court: instruct the Ministry of Interior and the Military to ensure that people entitled to stay permits, as part of family unification processes, receive the renewal before the old permit expires
The National Labor Court in a precedential decision: East Jerusalem children waiting to receive status in the country are entitled to national health insurance until age 14
HaMoked in a petition to the High Court of Justice: Israel must afford the same work conditions to Palestinians living permanently with their families in the country, as those afforded to Israeli residents, given that their center of life and all their ties are in the country
Following HaMoked’s petition: reimbursements are now given to Palestinians who recently received Israeli status pursuant to the Minister of Interior’s decision, and earlier on registered with an HMO under the new health regulations
The military continues to impede Palestinians undergoing family unification who need an Israeli driver’s licence: of 47 applications filed in 2016, six were approved, and only for limited use
HaMoked to the Labor Court: the National Insurance Institute’s interpretation of the Income Support Law was inconsistent with the law’s objective and disproportionately harmful to Palestinian minors
State refuses to allow Palestinians living in Israel under family unification to travel abroad via Ben Gurion International Airport for “security reasons”. Information supplied by the army prove this is an empty excuse
Following HaMoked’s petition: Palestinians who registered with an HMO under the new health regulations but have since received or are about to receive Israeli status pursuant to the Minister of Interior’s decision, will be reimbursed
Vindictive policy and collective punishment: the military demolishes the families’ homes, the National Insurance Institute denies benefits, and the Ministry of Interior engages in deportation – thus the state persecutes the relatives of assailants
Following a petition by human rights organizations: the HCJ orders the state to justify the constitutionality of the law that denies social security benefits to parents of children convicted of “security offences”
HaMoked to HCJ: State must see to reimbursements for Palestinians who will soon receive status in Israel under the family unification procedure and have already joined health insurance funds under the new health regulations
HaMoked to the Humanitarian Committee: the high cost of the new health insurance for Israeli stay permit holders will harm the most vulnerable; they must be granted status in Israel (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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