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Child Registration in Jerusalem

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Judgment in HaMoked's appeal: the Ministry of Interior must ensure the continuous legal status in Israel of people who act according to its own procedures
The Ministry of Interior will grant a tourist visa to the minor children of residents of East Jerusalem whose status reinstatement request is being examined: the visa will not grant the children any social rights
In a legal first, the Appels Tribunal accepts HaMoked's request to order the Ministry of Interior to pay trial costs for its contempt of court
HaMoked to the Ministry of Interior: grant legal status to the minor children of residents of East Jerusalem while their status reinstatement is being examined
Legalizing the status of children of permanent residents who have lost their residency and whose parent and guardian's request to commence the procedure for status reinstatement has been approved
Principal Correspondence  |  23.7.2018
A measure of last resort: The Appeals Tribunal ordered the Ministry of Interior to pay trial costs, in an effort to force it to decide on requests of residents of East Jerusalem within a reasonable timeframe
Following a prolonged battle: two of the three daughters of a resident of East Jerusalem, who fell victim to domestic violence, have received residency status in Israel
Following HaMoked's 7 year battle: a 16 year-old boy raised by a foster family in East Jerusalem will receive permanent residency status in Israel
The National Labor Court in a precedential decision: East Jerusalem children waiting to receive status in the country are entitled to national health insurance until age 14
For years a Palestinian widower’s humanitarian application remained unanswered: following HaMoked’s petition, the Minister of Interior has decided to give him a stay permit allowing him to remain living in the city legally with his two underage children
At the end of a decade-long legal battle: a stateless Palestinian woman born in East Jerusalem and living there her entire life will receive permanent status in Israel
HaMoked to the Ministry of Interior: the revised procedures for the registration of children under age 14 who have only one parent who is a permanent Israeli resident, are wrongful and illegal
Procedure for Processing Applications for Grant of an Israeli Residency Visa to Minors Born in Israel with Only One Parent who is Registered as an Israeli Permanent Resident under Regulation 12 of the Entry into Israel Regulations 5734-1974 (August 2017)
Procedure  |  1.8.2017
Procedure for Processing Applications for Grant of Israeli Residency Visas to Minors Born outside Israel with Only One Parent who is Registered as a Permanent Resident (August 2017)
Procedure  |  1.8.2017
In the Kafkaesque world of the Ministry of Interior: perplexing disregard for the complex situation created by the Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law
In the Kafkaesque world of the Ministry of Interior: an Israeli resident must prove his paternity despite countless proof, while his two young children are left stateless and without rights
“Securing the net”: the state uses social media posts to justify violation of basic rights of Palestinians
Response to freedom of information application on family unification processes at the East Jerusaelm bureau of the Population and Immigration Authority
Principal Correspondence  |  17.5.2016
After a protected battle: a Palestinian woman living in Jerusalem for many years without rights is given an Israeli stay permit and her young daughter is registered as a permanent resident
Following appeals to the Ministry of Interior to reconsider child registration applications under the amended procedure: Five children from East Jerusalem recently received status in Israel (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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