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In response to HaMoked’s petition: in a future public health emergency, the state undertakes to consider the unique circumstances of Palestinians undergoing family unification procedures who live in the Jerusalem neighborhoods beyond the separation wall
Israel Tells Court Would Stop Forcing Palestinian Laborers to Give Access to Phone Data
Foreign Press, Hagar Shezaf  |  15.5.2020
Terms of use of Israel's Al Munasiq app, which was required of laborers during the coronavirus crisis, say information shared can be used 'for any purpose, including security,' but the Civil Administration now says they would change
HaMoked to the Ministry of Interior: given the expected summer workload, publish in advance your arrangements for optimal handling of requests of extension of permits and visas held by Palestinians lawfully living in Israel
Contrary to the revised military order: Palestinians undergoing family unification procedures who live in the Jerusalem neighborhoods beyond the separation wall, are still denied access to the rest of the city
Amid Coronavirus Crisis, Israel Tells Palestinians to Download App That Tracks Phones
Foreign Press, Nir Hasson  |  8.4.2020
Palestinians who want to ensure their permit to stay in Israel is still valid are required to install an app allowing the military to access data on their cellphone since army offices are closed due to the coronavirus
HaMoked and PHR-Israel demand: Israel must stop compelling Palestinians holding Israeli stay permits to download an intrusive mobile application in order to ascertain their permits’ renewal; other verification options must be made available during the coronavirus crisis
HaMoked to the Military: during the current corona disaster, preventing people living in the Jerusalem neighborhoods beyond the separation wall from reaching the rest of the city puts the lives of thousands at risk, citizens, residents and stay-permit holders alike
Following HaMoked’s demand: the Ministry of Interior announced the automatic extension of stay permits held by Palestinians living in Israel lawfully in the framework of family unification procedures
Re: Request for a notice of non-removal from Israel, during the Corona crisis, of Palestinians living in Israel lawfully but not yet issued with permits
Principal Correspondence  |  18.3.2020
HaMoked to the Ministry of Interior and the military: so long as the coronavirus crisis continues, the permits of Palestinians living in Israel lawfully must be extended and their non-removal from the country must be guaranteed
Re: Coronavirus crisis and urgent demand to issue notice on automatic extension of stay permits for Palestinians living in Israel lawfully
Principal Correspondence  |  17.3.2020
HaMoked successfully blocks another Ministry of Interior attempt to deny temporary status to Palestinians living in Israel for many years in the framework of family unification procedures: The Appeals Tribunal rules that an outdated security ban cannot be used to prevent a status upgrade
“If not in a case like this, then when?”: Following pressure from the HCJ in HaMoked petition, the Ministry of Interior undertakes to grant temporary residency status to a Palestinian widow, living in East Jerusalem for 25 years without social security rights
Ministry of Interior data: The Humanitarian Committee rarely recommends the grant of Israeli status, despite its authority to do so
Military data shows Israel continues its hard-hearted policy in denying driving permits on humanitarian grounds to Palestinians undergoing family unification in Israel
A court-facilitated arrangement allows Palestinians with temporary Israeli residency through family unification to fly through Israel’s international airport; the court rejects demand for a similar arrangement for those with family unification stay permits
'Stateless' east Jerusalem journalist released from Israeli prison
Foreign Press, Khaled Abu Toameh  |  27.10.2019
After being denied the status of official resident, Palestinian journalist Mustafa Kharuf has been released from prison after being arrested earlier this year.
Israel releases stateless Palestinian journalist it tried to deport
Foreign Press, Oren Ziv  |  25.10.2019
After nine months in detention and two failed deportation attempts, Israel releases East Jerusalem resident Mustafa al-Haruf. He has been living in Jerusalem for over 20 years, yet Israel refuses to grant him permanent status.
After nine months in detention as an illegal alien: Israel releases Jerusalem Palestinian Journalist Mustafa al-Haruf
HaMoked to the Appeals Tribunal: the Ministry of Interior’s renewed decision to revoke the status in Israel of a woman who has been living in the country for decades was utterly baseless and in contempt of the Tribunal’s earlier judgment (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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