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Israeli prison ban on phone calls risks ‘breaking spirits’ of Palestinian minors
Foreign Press, Oren Ziv  |  23.9.2020
Israel claims incarcerated Palestinian children pose a threat to national security just like adults — and therefore can't contact their families.
Following an urgent petition: HaMoked succeeds in preventing the forcible transfer to Gaza of a West Bank Palestinian man
HaMoked successfully prevents the deportation to Gaza of a man who finished serving his prison sentence in Israel: Israel has avoided updating the man’s address, although he moved to the West Bank in the 1990s
HaMoked to Prime Minister Netanyahu: the bill to displace relatives of assailants is unacceptable and must be shelved
Following HaMoked's intervention: Teenage Palestinian girl deported to Gaza without her parents' knowledge is allowed to return home
Press release: Teenage Palestinian girl, born and raised in the West Bank, is illegally deported to the Gaza Strip
Re: The immediate return of a 14-year-old minor girl to her home in the West Bank, after she was illegally deported to the Gaza Strip
Principal Correspondence  |  30.1.2018
Military data reveals: sharp rise in the number of people deported by the military from their West Bank homes to the Gaza Strip, due to their out of date addresses in the Israeli copy of the population registry
Following HaMoked’s petition to the HCJ: the military canceled a Gaza deportation order issued for a Palestinian youth living in the West Bank from infancy
At the end of his prison sentence: the state is set to deport to Gaza a Palestinian youth who has lived his entire life in the West Bank
HaMoked to the HCJ: the state must be instructed not to deport to Gaza a Palestinian youth living in the West Bank from infancy
In a draconian step the Minister of the Interior decided to initiate proceedings for the revocation of the status of 13 persons, including minors, residing in East Jerusalem. Their only sin: kinship to the perpetrator who carried out the attack in Armon HaNatziv
Bill for the expulsion of perpetrators' families is on the agenda again in Israel: due to "legal difficulties" the deliberations were postponed by three months
Following HaMoked’s petitions to the HCJ: the address of two youths born in Gaza and living in the West Bank since infancy would be updated in an expedited process and without the need to carry permits
Re: Forcible assigned residence of assailants' relatives
Principal Correspondence  |  17.3.2016
HaMoked to the Attorney General: forcible assigned residence of assailants’ families living in the West Bank is illegal. Your immediate intervention in needed to thwart the intent to use this draconian measure
Re: Deportation of assailants' relatives to the Gaza Strip Ours: our letter 37230
Principal Correspondence  |  3.3.2016
HaMoked to the Attorney General: the intention to deport to Gaza relatives of assailants is clearly illegal and requires your immediate intervention
re: Employing measures against relatives of perpetrators of attacks
Principal Correspondence  |  21.1.2016
Re: Plans by the government and the security establishment to expel relatives of individuals who perpetrated attacks against Israelis to the Gaza Strip
Principal Correspondence  |  25.11.2015 (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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