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Following HaMoked’s petition: the Israeli civil administration begins taking steps to improve the mechanisms for processing Palestinians’ applications to go abroad
The HCJ to the state: find a way to provide prompt answers to Palestinians who seek to travel abroad, especially in urgent cases
The HCJ to the state: an effort is needed to make it as easy as possible for the Palestinian population requiring permits on the administrative level in order to simplify life under the complex political, legal and daily reality
The military prevented a Palestinian man from going abroad for urgent liver transplant surgery, demanding that he first sign a second undertaking not to “engage in terror” while abroad
The military prevented a Nablus resident from going abroad based on a “security ban”: following a petition to the HCJ, the ban was lifted
Too little, too slowly: the Civil Administration is instructed by the HCJ to draft a mechanism for improving its work vis-à-vis OPT residents, but only announces tighter supervision on keeping deadlines
HaMoked to the Head of the Civil Administration: the system’s failures in handling applications by Palestinians are evident in all areas
HCJ 3764/16 ‘Ali et al. v. Military Commander of the West bank Judgment and Decision
Judgment / Supreme Court  |  3764/16  |  5.7.2016
The HCJ dissatisfied with the military’s conduct: “…why [are] responses… not provided on time to applicants… forcing them to file a petition with all the entailed waste of resources of the parties, the court… and at the last minute, after studying the file, the ban is lifted. We are weary of the like.”
The military to HaMoked: exit abroad by Gaza residents is conditional on signing a pledge not to return for a year
HaMoked in a petition to the HCJ: allow travel through Ben Gurion International Airport to Palestinians undergoing family unification in Israel
HaMoked and Gisha in a firm letter to the military: the condition imposed on the exit abroad of Gaza residents requiring that they pledge not to return for a year is blatantly illegal and must be revoked immediately; it is an unacceptable attempt to push the residents to permanently leave the area
HCJ 679/16 - Dr. Mahrouk et al. v. The Military Commander of the West Bank Judgment
Judgment / Supreme Court  |  679/16  |  2.2.2016
HCJ orders state to explain its refusal to allow a Palestinian dentist to travel abroad: The petition was withdrawn but the court issued a judgment criticizing the military commander’s decision making process
Ministry of Justice in a brief and outrageous response to HaMoked’s letters: “at this stage”, there is no intention to deport assailants’ relatives to Gaza or ban them from going abroad
re: Employing measures against relatives of perpetrators of attacks
Principal Correspondence  |  21.1.2016
Re: Plans by the government and the security establishment to prevent relatives of individuals who perpetrated attacks against Israelis from traveling abroad.
Principal Correspondence  |  24.11.2015
HaMoked to the Attorney General: the intention to prevent assailants’ relatives from going abroad constitutes collective punishment, prohibited under both Israeli law and international law
Israel continues to place obstacles in the path of the families of the Shalit-deal deportees: requiring relatives to pledge not to meet their loved-ones who were released as part of the deal – as a condition for allowing their departure abroad – has become the practiced policy
For the second time in two weeks: Israel demands a large money deposit as a condition for allowing a Palestinian man to travel outside the OPT (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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