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The military to HaMoked: your arguments regarding the new “Seam Zone Standing Orders” are petty and rehashed
Re: 2017 Seam Zone Standing Orders Set
Principal Correspondence  |  13.6.2017
A military roadblock set up to prevent settlers from reaching the demolished Homesh settlement site needlessly hampers access to a nearby Palestinian neighborhood: rather than move the roadblock a few dozens of meters, the military opts to blame the Palestinians
After years of delaying the opening of the DCO Checkpoint for traffic of Palestinian vehicles: Israel now announces it does not intend to proceed with the opening given the “security situation”
The military: the roadblock at the entrance to Aqraba cannot be removed based on “a security assessment”; the roadblock was removed that same day
HaMoked to the military: in complete contradiction to your claim, two of the three entrances to Hizma are blocked; the roadblocks must be opened immediately
Civil Administration’s disdainful conduct: Palestinians are given last-minute summons to appear at appellate committee hearings
Encirclement of West Bank localities continues: HaMoked demands military lift encirclement imposed on Hizma
Following HaMoked’s petition to the HCJ: the military encirclement on Yatta has been lifted after weeks of movement restrictions
HaMoked in a petition to the HCJ: the residents of Yatta have been living under a military encirclement for many weeks now; this is a severe violation of human rights and outright prohibited collective punishment
HaMoked to the Military Commander in the West Bank: the encirclement imposed on Yatta, one of the largest cities in the West Bank, constitutes collective punishment and must be lifted immediately
HaMoked to West Bank military commander: It is inconceivable that the military suddenly paralyze hundreds of businesses in the heart of Huwarah without so much as an order being issued. This is entirely wrongful collective punishment
Two weeks after Beit Fajjar was placed under a military encirclement: movement restrictions have been lifted following HaMoked’s appeals
Re: Very Urgent – Closure imposed on Beit Fajjar
Principal Correspondence  |  20.3.2016
HaMoked demanded that the military remove the encirclements imposed on Hajjah and a-Zawiya: the restrictions were lifted within a few days
HaMoked demanded that the West Bank Military Commander lift the encirclement imposed on Burin: after three days of movement restrictions, the encirclement was removed
Re: Urgent – Closure imposed on the village of Borin
Principal Correspondence  |  3.3.2016
Re: Very Urgent – Closure imposed on al-'Araqah
Principal Correspondence  |  15.2.2016
HaMoked to West Bank commander: Closure imposed on al-'Araqah constitutes collective punishment and must be lifted immediately
HaMoked demands the military commander of the West Bank to lift the encirclement on Beit Ur a-Tahta: after a week of movement restrictions the encirclement was lifted (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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