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Denial of Prison Visits by the Military

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The military continues to prevent the entry of Palestinian children to Israel for the purpose of visiting their imprisoned relatives: HaMoked petitioned the District Court on behalf of a 13-year-old boy who hasn't seen his brother in two years
Following a two year battle, and only due to HaMoked's intervention: the military has permitted the entry into Israel of a West Bank resident for the purpose of visiting her imprisoned spouse
The state has been preventing a Palestinian woman from visiting her son incarcerated inside Israel, claiming she is not his mother: even after acknowledging their family tie, the state continues to hamper the visit
Even after admitting to the error of refusing to acknowledge the kinship of a mother and her teenage son incarcerated inside Israel, the military continues to keep the woman from visiting the 17 year old, whom she has not met for a year now
The military repeatedly prevented a 7-year-old girl from entering Israel to visit her imprisoned father: following HaMoked’s petition, the military has acknowledged that this was “an error”
Military admits: “Security” block against two minors, ages 6 and 8, which denied them visits with their father, imprisoned in Israel, was likely an error
Re: Failure to conduct true registration of prison entries of minors who come to visit incarcerated family members
Principal Correspondence  |  26.1.2016
Re: Failure to conduct true registration of prison entries of minors who come to visit incarcerated family members
Principal Correspondence  |  17.1.2016
Following HaMoked’s court petition: the military withdrew its objection to allow a woman from the West Bank to enter Israel to visit her imprisoned son
HCJ 6409/14 - Malitat et al. v. Government of Israel et al. Petition for Order Nisi
Petition to HCJ  |  6409/14  |  23.9.2014
HaMoked to the HCJ: instruct the state to immediately lift the ban on family visits to prisoners identified with Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the Palestinian liberation fronts
After a month-long ban of family visits to Palestinian prisoners held in Israel: the military has reinstated visits in a limited format
HaMoked to the State Attorney's Office: family visits to Palestinian prisoners held in Israel must be renewed immediately
Re: Pre-petition letter regarding Cessation of family visits to Palestinian prisoners held inside Israel
Principal Correspondence  |  2.7.2014
Re: Harm to the Palestinian population and collective punishment in Operation Brother's Keeper
Principal Correspondence  |  22.6.2014
Israeli human rights organizations in an urgent letter to the Ministers of Defense and Public Security: refrain from collective punishment of Palestinians following the abduction of three Israelis
Re: Severe movement restrictions on Palestinian residents of Hebron and the West Bank
Principal Correspondence  |  15.6.2014
Following an HCJ petition: the military withdraws the sweeping restriction on the number of prison visits by sons and brothers of “security” prisoners
HCJ 4048/13 Arshid et al. v. Military Commander of the West Bank Area Respondent's Response
Response to Petition  |  4048/13  |  21.5.2014
While the State Attorney's Office convinces the Court that a Palestinian woman's entry to Israel is a threat to state security: the military, for the first time in two years, issues her an entry permit to visit her son in prison (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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