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Denial of Prison Visits by the Israel Prison Service

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HaMoked and the Public Committee Against Torture in Israel to the Knesset’s Internal Affairs Committee: prison visits by family and lawyers must not be banned due to the pandemic; legislation must ensure regular contact between inmates and the outside world when visits are suspended
Following a petition to the court: a Palestinian man from East Jerusalem succeeded to visit his incarcerated brother, after a two-year forced separation
After long efforts: a severely ill Palestinian mother from East Jerusalem is allowed to have an “open visit” to her son imprisoned inside Israel
Re: The decisions of the Head of the Information Security Department Barring Entry into a Prison
Principal Correspondence  |  15.4.2015
HaMoked to State Attorney's Office: The ban on family visits of Palestinian prisoners identified with Hamas, the Islamic Jihad and the Palestinian Liberation Organizations should be immediately lifted
Re: Decision concerning possible downgrading of the incarceration conditions of prisoners associated with Hamas
Principal Correspondence  |  3.8.2014
The Israel Prison Service refused to allow a 3-year-old toddler to visit his father in prison: the visit was allowed following HaMoked's intervention
LHCJA 7233/13 Abbasi v. Israel Prison Service Application for Leave to Appeal
Application  |  7233/13  |  24.10.2013
PP 36242-04-13 - Abbasi v. Israel Prison Service Transcript and Judgment
Judgment  |  36242-04-13  |  10.9.2013
PP 36242-04-13 - Abbasi v. Israel Prison Service Amendment of the above captioned Petition
Court Documents  |  36242-04-13  |  21.7.2013
PP 24334/02/13 - Qassem v. Israel Police et al. Transcript
Transcript  |  24334-02-13  |  30.4.2013
Following HaMoked's application: an elderly stroke survivor will be able to meet her son, imprisoned inside Israel, in the framework of an "open visit" with no partition. Her husband, the prisoner's father, will have to make do with a regular visit
PP 36242-04-13 - Abbasi v. Israel Prison Service Prisoner's Petition
Prisoner Petition  |  36242-04-13  |  17.4.2013
PP 24334-02-13 - Qassem v. Israel Prison Service Prisoner's Petition
Prisoner Petition Appeal  |  24334-02-13  |  12.3.2013
Following HaMoked's petition: a father has visited his son who is incarcerated inside Israel, after two and a half years in which the Israel Prison Service banned the visit
Following the Palestinian prisoners’ hunger strike, a security prisoner serving multiple life sentences has met his three minor children for the first time in three years: the ban on visits imposed on him by the IPS and upheld by the court – has been lifted
Prisons Ordinance (New Version), 1971
Law  |  1.2.2012
Taken from the website of No Legal Frontiers.
HaMoked to the court: order the Israel Prison Service to allow the wife and minor children of a Palestinian life-term prisoner to visit him in prison
Following HaMoked's petition: a prisoner will be able to meet his sister for the first time in eight years
PP 57476-11-11 - Semhan v. Israel Prison Service Prisoner's Petition
Prisoner Petition  |  57476-11-11  |  29.11.2011 (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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