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The High Court of Justice has permitted the continued use of live fire at Palestinian protestors: the Court rejects the petitions against the rules of engagement in the Gaza Strip
The Supreme Court of Israel Dismisses a Petition Against Gaza Rules of Engagement
Academic  |  3003/18  |  26.5.2018
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Human rights organizations to the HCJ: decide on the petition to revoke the rules of engagement in Gaza
17 Human Rights and Civil Society Organizations Call on Israel to Take its Finger off the Trigger
Human rights organizations in a petition to the HCJ: revoke rules of engagement permitting live fire at demonstrators who do not pose a threat
This is How We Fought in Gaza: Soldiers׳ testimonies and photographs from Operation "Protective Edge" (2014)
Report  |  4.5.2015
Report by Breaking The Silence organization
Re: Call for the immediate arrangement of a channel for civilians to escape the battle zone
Principal Correspondence  |  24.7.2014
Israeli human rights organizations to the Minister of Defense and the Chief of General Staff: an escape route and a safety zone for the residents of the Gaza Strip must be established immediately
HaMoked and other human rights organizations in an urgent appeal to the Minister of Defense: the military must prepare in advance for possible attacks against Palestinians in the build up to the evacuation of the Ulpana Hill
Alleged Investigation: The Failure of Investigations Into Offenses Committed by IDF Soldiers Against Palestinians
Report  |  1.8.2011
A report by Yesh Din uncovering the systematic flaws which prevent the success of MPCID investigations into offences committed by soldiers against Palestinians. Consequently, 96.5% of complaints filed are closed without indictments. The report is based on Yesh Din's monitoring of 192 complaints and analysis of dozens of investigation files, covering diverse offences against Palestinians and the...
Compensation for Civilians Injured by Security Forces Activity: CA 5964/92 Bani ‘Odeh v. State of Israel (Judgment of March 20, 2002)
Criticism  |  5964/92  |  1.2.2011  |  Adv. Alon Margalit
A civilian, resident of the occupied territory, who is not taking part in combat is injured in the course of security forces activity and suffers bodily or property damages. He files a compensation claim against the state with a court in Israel. Israeli statute determines that the state is not civilly liable and is exempt from paying compensation if the damage was incurred in the course of a “w...
United Nations Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict
Other  |  28.9.2009
Report of the Goldstone commission appointed by the UN Human Rights Council in order to examine suspicions of war crimes during the Cast Lead war. The report, which is based on evidence and much information from both Palestinian and Israeli sources, determines that actions taken by Israel and Hamas during the war included breaches of international humanitarian and human rights law. The commissi...
Six years after the court ruled in a civil suit against Avri Ran for the assault of a handicapped Palestinian youth, the plaintiff finally received the entire compensation: Ran made payment on the compensation only after two warrants for his incarceration were issued in the framework of an execution office case brought against him by HaMoked. His conduct throughout the various proceedings refle...
Human rights organizations in Israel, including HaMoked, appeal to the government: Do not silence "Breaking Silence"
HCJ 7195/08 - Abu Rahme et al. v. Brigadier General Avichai Mandelblit, Military Advocate General Judgment
Judgment / Supreme Court  |  7195/08  |  1.7.2009
Judgment in a petition filed by human rights organizations and a Palestinian man who was shot by a soldier in Na'alin while shackled and blindfolded, to instruct the Military Advocate General to amend the indictment against the shooting soldier and his commander. The petition was granted. The HCJ rules that the decision to try the soldier and his commander for "misconduct" was extremely unreaso...
The Law Applicable to Non-Occupied Gaza: A Comment on Bassiouni v. Prime Minster of Israel
Academic  |  25.2.2009
The paper discusses the relevant legal framework for evaluating the sanctions Israel imposed on the civilian population in Gaza during Operation "Cast Lead", in light of the judgment in Bassiouni, HCJ 9132/07, which dealt with Israel's obligation to provide electricity and fuel to the Gaza Strip. The author assess the HCJ's position in Bassiouni, whereby after disengagement Gaza is not an occup...
Investigation into the Army's use of Phosphorus Shells in Residential Neighbourhoods of the Gaza Strip
Principal Correspondence  |  21.1.2009
HaMoked demands that the Military Advocate General specify the identity of the organ which, according to media reports, is investigating the use of phosphorus shells during the fighting in the Gaza Strip. HaMoked is relying on reports indicating that the military has established its own committee to conduct the investigation. HaMoked also demands to know how long the investigation is scheduled ...
HCJ 201/09, 248/09 - Physicians for Human Rights et al. v. The Prime Minister et al. Judgment
Judgment / Supreme Court  |  201/09  |  19.1.2009
Judgment in the petitions of Physicians for Human Rights and Gisha concerning the humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip during Operation "Cast Lead", focusing on the evacuation of casualties to hospitals, attacks on medical teams, and the electricity shortage which prevented the proper functioning of vital systems in Gaza. The petitions were erased after Israel clarified that it recognizes i...
An Immediate Cessation of the Use of Illegal Weapons in Contravention of International Law
Principal Correspondence  |  14.1.2009
HaMoked and other human rights organizations demand an immediate halt to the use of illegal weapons during the fighting in the Gaza Strip. The demand is directed at the Prime Minister, the Defense Minister and the Attorney General, and follows various reports of the use of prohibited weapons, such as phosphorus shells and cluster bombs, by the Israeli army. The unwarranted use of such weapons i...
The Jerusalem Magistrate Court ruled a NIS 75,000 compensation for three brothers represented by HaMoked for beating and abuse by Border Police officers in Hebron: In the incident, the officers brutally beat the three brothers – minors at the time – and pushed away their mother who came to their aid (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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