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HaMoked documents systematic violation of rights in the arrest and interrogation of West Bank Palestinian minors. The Israel Police dismisses the criticism and refuses to examine HaMoked's claims unless it provides the affidavits collected from the minors
Press release: Teenage Palestinian girl, born and raised in the West Bank, is illegally deported to the Gaza Strip
Palestinian minors arrested by Israel 'suffer abuse'
Foreign Press, Linah Alsaafin  |  25.10.2017
Mohammed, 14, was with his friends riding horses in a park in Jerusalem's Old City when the Yassam, a special patrol unit of the Israeli police, arrived at the scene.
Unprotected: The Detention of Palestinian Teenagers in East Jerusalem
HaMoked Report  |  25.10.2017
New report by HaMoked and B'Tselem: Unprotected – The Detention of Palestinian Teenagers in East Jerusalem
HaMoked to the Attorney General: the Israel Police tramples the rights of East Jerusalem minors under arrest and interrogation, contrary to the law
Secret Detention Facility 1391: HaMoked files an application under the Freedom of Information Law for information concerning activity in the Facility
Israeli human rights organizations in a petition to the HCJ: the temporary order exempting the police and the Israel Security Agency from audiovisual recording of interrogations of Palestinian detainees must be cancelled
Criminal Procedure (Interrogation of Suspects) Law, 2002 (revised on 29.06.2015)
Law  |  29.6.2015
Translation from the website of No Legal Frontiers(except for the end date in Section 17, updated in 2015).
Prisons Ordinance (New Version), 1971
Law  |  1.2.2012
Taken from the website of No Legal Frontiers.
United Nations International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights Concluding observations of the Human Rights Committee, September 2010
Opinion  |  3.9.2010
Following a petition by HaMoked, the military police formulated and published a procedure for handling requests of an external party for the disclosure of investigation materials
HCJ 2096/10 Jarameh et al. v. Commander of Military Forces in the West Bank et al. Petition for a Writ of Habeas Corpus
Petition to HCJ  |  2096/10  |  15.3.2010
HaMoked’s petition for writ of habeas corpus in a case where for two days after a Palestinian’s arrest, no information regarding the location and reason for her arrest was given to her family and her name did not appear in the detention records. HaMoked claims, inter alia, that having the detainee disappear and not notifying her family of her whereabouts constitute a severe violation of the det...
Secret Evidence and the Due Process of Terrorist Detention
Academic  |  19.11.2009
Article reviewing the manners in which various democracies handle their common difficulty in proving suspicions against alleged terrorists during hearings: while governments are forced to protect the sharing and collection of sensitive information when proving cases against terror suspects during hearings, withholding evidence from the suspects allegedly compromises the fairness of the judicial...
The Law Applicable to Non-Occupied Gaza: A Comment on Bassiouni v. Prime Minster of Israel
Academic  |  25.2.2009
The paper discusses the relevant legal framework for evaluating the sanctions Israel imposed on the civilian population in Gaza during Operation "Cast Lead", in light of the judgment in Bassiouni, HCJ 9132/07, which dealt with Israel's obligation to provide electricity and fuel to the Gaza Strip. The author assess the HCJ's position in Bassiouni, whereby after disengagement Gaza is not an occup...
HaMoked: Center for Defence of the Individual and other human rights organizations appeal to the Chief Military Advocate General: Israel is obligated to protect the rights of detainees from Gaza
HCJ 1951/99 - Ramadan et al. v. the Minister of Defense et al. Affidavit in Response
Statement  |  1951/99  |  28.9.1999
Affidavit by Major General Dan Halutz, supplement to the State's response to a Habeas Corpus petition by HaMoked and ACRI for the release of four detainees from Al Khiam Prison. Halutz attempts to substantiate the State's claim that Israel has no effective control in South Lebanon, but his affidavit contains additional facts which support the organizations' claim about Israel's presence and eff...
HCJ 6504/95 - Wajie et al. v. State of Israel
Judgment / Supreme Court  |  6504/95   |  1.11.1995
Judgment in a petition by several Gaza Strip residents to instruct Israel to release them from detention they consider unlawful. The petition is dismissed. The petitioners argue that the Military Court's jurisdiction in the "Area" does not extend beyond it; therefore the issuance of the order in Ashkelon was unauthorized. The justices rule that under the Order regarding Security Provisions, a s... (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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