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For the first time since 2016, the HCJ has cancelled a punitive order for the demolition of a West Bank home; HaMoked’s petition successfully saved a woman and her three young children from becoming homeless
HaMoked to the military: initiate a thorough investigation into the excessive damage caused during the punitive demolition of a third floor apartment in the West Bank
The vendetta against family members continues: after sealing the family home and depriving several relatives of their Israeli status, the state now sues the attacker’s widow and orphaned children for injuries to life and limb
Re: Appeal against the intention to seize and demolish the structure in which ____ al-Hashlamun resided
Objection  |  24.8.2015
Ad in solidarity with human rights organizations in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, published in Arabic in Al-Quds Newspaper
Press Release  |  7.9.2014
Israeli human rights organizations, including HaMoked, in an ad expressing solidarity with the human rights organizations in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, September 7, 2014
The Attorney General's response to Israeli human rights organizations: no indication that he intends to intiate an external investigation mechanism into the military offensive policy of Israel in the Gaza Strip
Re: Offensive policy in Gaza in Operation Protective Edge
Principal Correspondence  |  21.7.2014
Translation from the website of ACRI
Israeli human rights organizations to the Attorney General: instruct the government and the military to avoid indiscriminate attacks which cause excessive harm to civilians in the Gaza Strip
Human rights organizations in a letter to the Defense Minister, the Military Advocate General, and the Attorney General: deliberate attacks against civilians and civilian property in the Gaza Strip constitute a grave breach of international humanitarian law
Re: Calling upon residents to vacate their homes in northern Gaza Strip raises concern of extensive mortal harm to civilians and damage to civilian property
Principal Correspondence  |  14.7.2014
Eleven years after shooting at a Palestinian truck: former leader of the "Jewish Underground" pays the truck driver ILS 15,000 in compensation
Almost a decade after the military uprooted dozens of ancient olive trees: Israel will pay the plot owner ILS 27,000 in compensation
HaMoked and other human rights organizations in an urgent appeal to the Minister of Defense: the military must prepare in advance for possible attacks against Palestinians in the build up to the evacuation of the Ulpana Hill
Palestinians whose building was damaged during a suspect apprehension operation will not be compensated: The court rules that the "pressure cooker protocol" was employed as part of a wartime action
For years the Military Advocate General kept "badgering" a Palestinian man who complained of damage done to his home by soldiers: although he gave his statement three times, the Military Advocate General closed the case due to the complainant's lack of cooperation
The Right to Compensation According to International Law and According to the Supreme Court: LCA 3675/09 State of Israel v. Daud (Judgment of August 11, 2011)
Criticism  |  3675/09  |  1.1.2012  |  Adv. Yossi Wolfson
The relationship between the Supreme Court of Israel and international law has had its share of ups and downs. The Supreme Court’s judgment in Daud, with the lead opinion written by Deputy President Eliezer Rivlin, marks one of the lowest points in this relationship. In a short paragraph at the end of the opinion, the court relegates international law to the status of outcast among the laws it ...
Demolition of Palestinian Homes in Hebron to Ease the Daily Life of Jewish Settlers: HCJ 10356/02 Haas v. IDF Commander in the West Bank (Judgment of March 4, 2004)
Criticism  |  10356/02  |  1.12.2011  |  Adv. Yossi Wolfson
In one of the Israeli Supreme Court’s comprehensive judgments regarding the law applicable in the OPT, the court acknowledged the constitutional status of the human rights of residents of the OPT. In that same judgment, the High Court of Justice (HCJ) sanctioned the demolition of Palestinian houses in Hebron. The judgment was penned by Justice Procaccia with the consent of the then Supreme Cour...
LCA 3675/09 - State of Israel v. Daud et al. Judgment
Judgment / Supreme Court  |  3675/09  |  11.8.2011
Judgment in an application for leave to appeal the District Court's decision that the State was liable for the damage the military had caused to Palestinians' greenhouses in a land-clearing operation. The appeal is granted. The Supreme Court rules that the elements of the tort of negligence were absent as to military's land-clearing operation. Nonetheless, contrary to the State's position, it r...
Alleged Investigation: The Failure of Investigations Into Offenses Committed by IDF Soldiers Against Palestinians
Report  |  1.8.2011
A report by Yesh Din uncovering the systematic flaws which prevent the success of MPCID investigations into offences committed by soldiers against Palestinians. Consequently, 96.5% of complaints filed are closed without indictments. The report is based on Yesh Din's monitoring of 192 complaints and analysis of dozens of investigation files, covering diverse offences against Palestinians and the... (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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