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Palestinians cannot exit with food, toiletries or electronic devices at Erez Crossing
Middle East Monitor  |  6.8.2017
Intake coordinators at Gisha received an email detailing new guidelines for passage through Erez Crossing. The instructions have not been published anywhere official and will encumber those passing, with no clear purpose.
The military to HaMoked: your arguments regarding the new “Seam Zone Standing Orders” are petty and rehashed
HCJ 4427/16 - Badran et al. v. Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories – Ministry of Defense et al. Decision
Decision  |  4427/16  |  11.7.2017
The HCJ issues an order nisi in HaMoked’s petition: the state must explain why and by what authority it bans travel via the Ben Gurion airport of Palestinians undergoing a family unification process in Israel
Following a long legal battle, Israel finally amends the registered address of two youths who relocated as infants from Gaza to the West Bank, thus ending the threat of deportation they lived under
Following HaMoked’s petition: the Israeli civil administration begins taking steps to improve the mechanisms for processing Palestinians’ applications to go abroad
HaMoked to the Civil Administration: the Standing Orders applied to the “seam zone” must be reviewed and revised according to the need of the Palestinian population
Re: 2017 Seam Zone Standing Orders Set
Principal Correspondence  |  13.6.2017
The HCJ to the state: find a way to provide prompt answers to Palestinians who seek to travel abroad, especially in urgent cases
Military makes mockery of Israeli citizen by first refusing to let her enter Gaza to attend her brother’s wedding and then, following a High Court petition, conceding a one-hour visit with the brother and his bride
The HCJ to the state: an effort is needed to make it as easy as possible for the Palestinian population requiring permits on the administrative level in order to simplify life under the complex political, legal and daily reality
A military roadblock set up to prevent settlers from reaching the demolished Homesh settlement site needlessly hampers access to a nearby Palestinian neighborhood: rather than move the roadblock a few dozens of meters, the military opts to blame the Palestinians
The military prevented a Palestinian man from going abroad for urgent liver transplant surgery, demanding that he first sign a second undertaking not to “engage in terror” while abroad
HaMoked to the Civil Administration: ahead of the publication of the revised Standing Orders for the ‘seam zone’, “The permit regime should be cancelled. But once a court judgment has been issued on the permit-regime petitions, the Civil Administration should uphold its undertakings and the judgment’s stipulations”
After years of delaying the opening of the DCO Checkpoint for traffic of Palestinian vehicles: Israel now announces it does not intend to proceed with the opening given the “security situation”
Following HaMoked’s petitions to the HCJ: the address of two youths born in Gaza and living in the West Bank since infancy would be updated in an expedited process and without the need to carry permits
The military: the roadblock at the entrance to Aqraba cannot be removed based on “a security assessment”; the roadblock was removed that same day
The military prevented a Nablus resident from going abroad based on a “security ban”: following a petition to the HCJ, the ban was lifted
In the framework of an HCJ petition, the state admits: at one time there was a directive which allowed Palestinians with temporary residency status to travel from Israel through Ben Gurion International Airport, but it was never made public
Too little, too slowly: the Civil Administration is instructed by the HCJ to draft a mechanism for improving its work vis-à-vis OPT residents, but only announces tighter supervision on keeping deadlines (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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