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HaMoked to the HCJ: cancel the nighttime curfew imposed on several residents of the Jerusalem neighborhood of ‘Isawiya under archaic British Mandate legislation
Denial of access to private lands without explanation or due process; in one Separation Wall case, when HaMoked insisted on receiving the reason for the “security" entry ban, the military said that the landowner “makes extremist statements”
For over two years the military prevented a childless Palestinian man from leaving the West Bank to receive a specialized infertility treatment in Jordan: the travel ban was lifted shortly after HaMoked petitioned the court
HaMoked to the Israel Police: Remove the barrier blocking the road to the East Jerusalem neighborhood of 'Isawiya; this is prolonged collective punishment, serving no reasonable purpose
“Policy and practice have joined to eradicate Palestinian presence from the Seam Zone”: HaMoked demands the military dismantle the separation-fence segment that blocks access of the Qaffin, Akkabah and Nazlat 'Isa villages to their farmlands
Israel’s New Condition for Palestinians Hoping to Work Their Land: A Pop Quiz in Map Reading
Foreign Press, Amira Hass  |  4.1.2020
The army confiscated dozens of crossing permits of farmers whose plots are beyond the separation barrier. While they labor to retrieve them, their land remains untended
Not sick enough? Only following HaMoked’s petition, the military allowed three sisters to enter Gaza to visit their brother after open-heart surgery
Dozens of Palestinian Farmers Lose Access to their Lands due to Capricious Behavior of Israeli Military Officer
HaMoked petitions the HCJ against the routine and lengthy delays in opening Magen Dan gate in the separation wall
After a protracted and illegal delay and only following HaMoked’s petition: the Ministry of Interior issued an identity card to a 17-year-old Palestinian from East Jerusalem, whose father perpetrated a fatal attack against Israelis
Massive dispossession with no security pretext: Israel sweepingly prevents West Bank farmers from accessing their lands behind the Separation Wall
Israel Limits West Bank Farmers' Access to Lands Near Green Line
Foreign Press, Hagar Shezaf  |  24.11.2019
New regulations impose a quota on the number of times a year Palestinian farmers may enter their fields between the separation barrier and the Green Line
A court-facilitated arrangement allows Palestinians with temporary Israeli residency through family unification to fly through Israel’s international airport; the court rejects demand for a similar arrangement for those with family unification stay permits
A day after HaMoked’s petition to the HCJ, the military removed the concrete barricade that prevented Qaffin farmers from transporting their olive yield out of the Seam Zone
Following HaMoked’s petition: Israeli military reverses travel ban on academic from the West Bank going abroad to attend a creative writing masterclass in Frankfurt, Germany
HaMoked to the Military: new concrete roadblock at Qaffin gate in the Separation Wall prevents local Palestinians from accessing farmland trapped inside the Seam Zone and transporting produce
HaMoked contests court guarantees of tens of thousands of shekels: Prohibitively high deposits may make appealing to Supreme Court impossible in practice for Palestinians from the oPt
Following HaMoked’s intervention: the Israeli military again allows Palestinian farmers to bring horses, donkeys and wagons into the “Seam Zone” in order to reach their lands
Bureaucratic harassment of an East Jerusalem youth: HaMoked petitions the court against the Ministry of Interior’s withholding identity card from 16-year-old son of an assailant
Following HaMoked’s petition: for the first time, Palestinians who live with their families in Israel and hold temporary status in the country are allowed to regularly travel through Israel’s International Airport (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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