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The HCJ to the state: find a way to provide prompt answers to Palestinians who seek to travel abroad, especially in urgent cases
Military makes mockery of Israeli citizen by first refusing to let her enter Gaza to attend her brother’s wedding and then, following a High Court petition, conceding a one-hour visit with the brother and his bride
High Court to State: Efforts must be made to make matters as simple as possible for the Palestinian population requiring administrative permits in order to make life in this complex political, legal and daily reality easier
HaMoked to the Civil Administration: ahead of the publication of the revised Standing Orders for the ‘seam zone’, “The permit regime should be cancelled. But once a court judgment has been issued on the permit-regime petitions, the Civil Administration should uphold its undertakings and the judgment’s stipulations”
Following HaMoked’s petitions to the HCJ: the address of two youths born in Gaza and living in the West Bank since infancy would be updated in an expedited process and without the need to carry permits
The military: the roadblock at the entrance to Aqraba cannot be removed based on “a security assessment”; the roadblock was removed that same day
The military prevented a Nablus resident from going abroad based on a “security ban”: following a petition to the HCJ, the ban was lifted
In the framework of an HCJ petition, the state admits: at one time there was a directive which allowed Palestinians with temporary residency status to travel from Israel through Ben Gurion International Airport, but it was never made public
Too little, too slowly: the Civil Administration is instructed by the HCJ to draft a mechanism for improving its work vis-à-vis OPT residents, but only announces tighter supervision on keeping deadlines
HaMoked to the military: in complete contradiction to your claim, two of the three entrances to Hizma are blocked; the roadblocks must be opened immediately
Civil Administration’s disdainful conduct: Palestinians are given last-minute summons to appear at appellate committee hearings
Encirclement of West Bank localities continues: HaMoked demands military lift encirclement imposed on Hizma
Following HaMoked’s petition to the HCJ: the military encirclement on Yatta has been lifted after weeks of movement restrictions
HaMoked in a petition to the HCJ: the residents of Yatta have been living under a military encirclement for many weeks now; this is a severe violation of human rights and outright prohibited collective punishment
re: Failure to respond to applications in a timely manner
Principal Correspondence  |  20.7.2016
HaMoked to the Head of the Civil Administration: the system’s failures in handling applications by Palestinians are evident in all areas
Mixed blessing: the military approves an Israeli resident's request to continue living with her husband and children in the Gaza Strip, but if she visits her family in Israel, she would not be allowed to return to Gaza
HCJ 3764/16 ‘Ali et al. v. Military Commander of the West bank Judgment and Decision
Judgment / Supreme Court  |  3764/16  |  5.7.2016
The HCJ dissatisfied with the military’s conduct: “…why [are] responses… not provided on time to applicants… forcing them to file a petition with all the entailed waste of resources of the parties, the court… and at the last minute, after studying the file, the ban is lifted. We are weary of the like.”
Again, in this year's holiday season, the military refuses to allow Israelis to go on family visits to Gaza: “the examinations recently conducted … point to an exacerbation of the security risk posed by the exit of Israelis to the Gaza Strip” (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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