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Israeli Troops Shot a Palestinian Teen Weeks Ago. His Parents Aren't Allowed to Talk to Him
Foreign Press, Gideon Levy & Alex Levac  |  8.4.2021
Ahmed was hospitalized twice, underwent surgery and was then imprisoned. But Israel hasn't let his parents visit or even speak to him on the phone. They're being kept in the dark about his condition
Although family visits to prisons will not be resumed anytime soon: Israel will only allow “security” inmates one brief telephone call to their families during the month of Ramadan
Human rights organizations petition the High Court of Justice: The Israel Prison Service must publicize its regulations and procedures in Arabic, the native language of over half of the inmate population
Following human rights organizations’ petition to the HCJ: some 9,000 inmates held in the Israel Prison Service facilities received the first Coronavirus vaccine dose
Human rights organizations to the HCJ: the entire prison population must be vaccinated at once, according to Health Ministry priorities; this is an at-risk population, with heightened vulnerability to contagious diseases
Human rights groups petition High Court to force Israel to vaccinate inmates
Foreign Press, The Times of Israel  |  10.1.2021
Public security minister says prisoners will only be inoculated when more Israelis get vaccinated; Israel Medical Association: Country has an ‘ethical obligation’
NGOs to High Court: Let security prisoners call families during lockdown
Foreign Press, Yonah Jeremy Bob  |  31.12.2020
During lockdowns, including the present one, even these limited visits are suspended.
Press Release: Palestinian “security” prisoners must have phone contact with their families during the Coronavirus pandemic
Press Release  |  2280/20  |  31.12.2020
Press Release (Arabic): Palestinian security prisoners must have phone contact with their families during the Coronavirus pandemic - بيان صحفي: نطالب بالسّماح للسّجناء الفلسطينيّين المصنّفين على أنهم "أمنيّين" بالاتصال هاتفيّا مع عائلاتهم في فترة الكورونا
Press Release  |  2280/20  |  31.12.2020
HaMoked and other human rights organization petition the HCJ: Palestinian “security” inmates must have regular phone contact with their families so long as the Coronavirus pandemic restricts prison visits
HCJ 2280/20 - Ghanem et al. v. Israel Prison Service et al. Amended Petition
Petition to HCJ  |  2280/20  |  30.12.2020
Following HaMoked’s urgent petition, a Palestinian boy who was detained by the military on his way to school was located, some 40 hours after the arrest
The HCJ rejects HaMoked petition to reinvestigate prison warder’s violence towards juvenile detainee: “This court does not intervene in such decisions, except in exceptional and extreme cases”
Report reignites controversy over night arrests of Palestinian minors
Foreign Press,  Yonah Jeremy Bob  |  23.11.2020
The IDF said that night arrests were carried out in place of daytime arrests to avoid village-wide struggles which could lead to far more casualties on both sides.
According to official data: in 2018-2019, 380 Palestinian minors were arrested by Israel in pre-planned night arrests; 120 of them were under age 16
Only following HaMoked’s urgent petition was a 15-year-old boy’s detention place revealed: the military did not even tell the family their son had been taken to a hospital
Under Cover of Darkness: Night Arrests of Palestinian Minors by Israeli Security Forces in the West Bank
HaMoked Report  |  1.10.2020
Israeli prison ban on phone calls risks ‘breaking spirits’ of Palestinian minors
Foreign Press, Oren Ziv  |  23.9.2020
Israel claims incarcerated Palestinian children pose a threat to national security just like adults — and therefore can't contact their families.
HaMoked to the HCJ: prison warder’s violence towards juvenile detainee must be reinvestigated; the investigation authorities’ conduct was flawed throughout, subverting the search for truth
Hamada Was Dragged From One Israeli Prison to Another and Freed Four Days Later Without Questioning
Foreign Press, Amira Hass  |  7.9.2020
Israeli soldiers raided the home of Hamada Tamimi, confiscated phones and a camera, beat up his family and took him away. The army said his arrest was due to operational considerations (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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