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HaMoked to the state: the workload of the Appeals Tribunal undermines the rights of those appealing to it and its continued operation must be evaluated
The HCJ upheld the Boycott Law: anyone calling for a boycott on Israel or "an area under its control" may be sued for damages
Military in response to Freedom of Information Application: Number of seizure orders for Palestinian property soars between 2011 and 2013
HCJ 1785/14 - Sarawi et al. v. Military Commander of the West Bank Area Petition for Order Nisi
Petition to HCJ  |  1785/14  |  9.3.2014
HaMoked to the HCJ: Revoke the new military order which obviates the possibility of appealing a military decision to confiscate Palestinian property
Appeal 4735/13 - Sarawi et al. v. Military Commander of the West Bank Area Appellants' Summations concerning Subject Matter Jurisdiction
Brief  |  4735/13  |  21.1.2014
MA 4337/13 - Sarawi v. Military Commander of the Judea and Samaria Area Respondent's Summations concerning Subject Matter Jurisdiction
Brief  |  4735/13  |  14.1.2014
Appeal 4735/13 - Sarawi et el. v. Military Commander of the Judea and Samara Area Decision
Decision  |  4735/13  |  6.1.2014
Winter 2013 in Gaza: A life of deprivation, no electricity, at the edge of hunger
Expropriation by forestation: HCJ 704/85 - Yussef ‘Attoun v. Ministry of Finance (judgment of November 18, 1986)
Criticism  |  704/85  |  1.3.2013  |  Adv. Yotam Ben Hillel
In Shakespeare’s classic tragedy, Macbeth, the protagonist asks three witches to tell him what his future holds. The witches assure him that he will be king as long as Birnam Wood does not advance toward his castle. The witches’ prophecy calms Macbeth, but later on, the English army cuts branches from the trees of Birnam Wood and uses them as camouflage to advance toward his castle. Macbeth’s e...
HaMoked to the Magistrates' Court: the fee demanded by the Ministry of Interior for handling application under the Freedom of Information Law is four times the fee stipulated by law
CMA 10235-09-12 – HaMoked: Center for the Defence of the Individual v. Ministry of Interior - Population, Immigration and Border Authority
Appeal   |  10235-09-12  |  2.9.2012
Invitation to a pubilc event co-hosted by HaMoked and Bezalel Yaffo 23 Gallery, as part of HaMoked's "Court Watch" project
Invitation to a public event of HaMoked's "court watch" project
Other  |  17.7.2012
AP 214-08-12 - Shanaytah et el. v. Chair of the Appellate Committee for Foreigners (Jerusalem Area) et al. Administrative petition
Administrative Petition  |  214-08-12  |  15.7.2012
The status of West Bank property that belonged to Jews prior to 1948: HCJ 3036/03 Shlomo Valero v. State of Israel (judgment rendered February 6, 2011)
Criticism  |  3103/06   |  1.7.2012  |  Adv. Yotam Ben Hillel
HCJ 3103/06 Sholomo Valero v. State of Israel concerns the fate of property in Hebron which was allegedly purchased by Moshe Valero, a Jewish man, in 1935. Valero passed away in 1945 and his property was divided between his three children. The petitioners in this case were two of his children and the heirs of the third. As is known, beginning in 1948, the West Bank was under the control of the...
HaMoked calls on the State Attorney's Office to properly handle complaints by Palestinians of torture during ISA interrogations: a probe into alleged acts of torture by interrogation officials is in the public's interest
AP 28253-11-11 - Shanaytah et al. v. Ministry of Interior et al. Judgment
Judgment / District Court  |  28253-11-11  |  17.4.2012
Leading Human Rights Organizations Petition the Israeli Supreme Court to Cancel the Anti-Boycott Law
Respondent's Response in Appeal 281/11 on the failure to respond to the demand to receive evidentiary material in the framework of the "intent to deny" the family unification application
Principal Correspondence  |  29.2.2012 (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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