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At the height of the olive harvest: the military issued entry permits to "the Seam Zone" to Palestinian farmers, valid for less than two months
The Disappearing Plot of Land: the state issued an entry permit to "the Seam Zone" to a Palestinian to tend his lands, after insisting for two years that his plot is not there
HaMoked to the Military: cancel the arbitrary demand that owners of land in the "Seam Zone" undergo an expensive bureaucratic process in order to be issued new entry permits
HaMoked in a petition to the HCJ: instruct the military to provide information regarding entry permits to the "Seam Zone", in response to a request submitted more than nine months ago
HaMoked's activity in 2017: overview and statistics
Only following HaMoked’s intervention: the military retracted its arbitrary demand that people submit applications in person for “seam zone” entry permits
The military to HaMoked: your arguments regarding the new “Seam Zone Standing Orders” are petty and rehashed
HaMoked to the Civil Administration: the Standing Orders applied to the “seam zone” must be reviewed and revised according to the need of the Palestinian population
Re: 2017 Seam Zone Standing Orders Set
Principal Correspondence  |  13.6.2017
HaMoked to the Civil Administration: ahead of the publication of the revised Standing Orders for the ‘seam zone’, “The permit regime should be cancelled. But once a court judgment has been issued on the permit-regime petitions, the Civil Administration should uphold its undertakings and the judgment’s stipulations”
Civil Administration’s disdainful conduct: Palestinians are given last-minute summons to appear at appellate committee hearings
HaMoked to the HCJ: the state breaches its court undertaking and continues to burden the farmers seeking to cultivate their lands inside the "seam zone"
HaMoked to military: Extend opening of al-Kharabah gate in Qalqiliyah District to allow local farmers to cultivate their land
Despite long wait for committee appeals to hear applications made by four Palestinians for seam zone entry permits: The hearing was cancelled due to “the committee head’s scheduling conflict”
Re: Cancellation of appeal hearings scheduled for today, January 28, 2016
Principal Correspondence  |  28.1.2016
Re: Pre HCJ – Delay in giving a reason for the refusal to issue an entry permit into the seam zone for our client, Mr. __ al-Traeyra, ID __
Principal Correspondence  |  12.1.2016
Years after the HCJ’s stay of proceedings over the separation wall’s planned route in the South Hebron Hills: the petitions were consensually deleted upon the state’s undertaking to provide advance notice of any future intent to revive construction in the area
The military refused to allow a Palestinian farmer to access his plots inside the “seam zone”, claiming he was a “Hamas activist”: after a petition was filed to the HCJ, the military withdrew its objection and gave the farmer a two-year permit
HCJ 2757/15 - Bari et al. v. Military Commander of the West Bank Area et al. Petition for Order Nisi
Petition to HCJ  |  2757/15  |  20.4.2015
Military refuses to allow Palestinian into “seam zone”, saying he is a Hamas activist. After the man stopped working at a store and opened his own business, the refusal was withdrawn (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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