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Detained, Arrested and Harassed: The Life of Palestinian Teens in East Jerusalem
Foreign Press, Dina Kraft  |  10.1.2018
Under Israeli law, minors can be arrested only in rare circumstances and held for the shortest time possible. But human rights organizations say the security services ride roughshod over this when it comes to young Arabs in neighborhoods like Silwan
The Court for Administrative Affairs: The Appeals Tribunal – reviewing cases concerning residency restoration, family unification and child registration in Israel – must adopt the format of classified-material hearings practiced in other courts
The Supreme Court to the Minister of Interior: the permanent residency status of an East Jerusalem woman, revoked following her past relocation abroad, must be restored immediately
Kinderverhaftungen – Einschüchterung – Folter – Traumatisierung durch israelisches Militär u. Polizei
Press  |  17.12.2017
Israels Strategie menschenverachtender Besatzungspolitik
Ending punitive demolitions
Local Press, Jessica Montell  |  14.12.2017
HaMoked is proud to be the lead organization contesting these demolitions, which are a blatant collective punishment of innocent people.
Israel Drops Claims That Palestinian Attacker Had ISIS Ties, Bid to Ban Family From Jerusalem Stopped
Foreign Press, Amira Hass   |  14.12.2017
The proceedings against family members of Fadi Qunbar, who killed four soldiers in truck ramming attack at Jerusalem’s Armon Hanatziv promenade, included a 10-year-old niece and 9-year-old nephew
The Appeals Tribunal accepted HaMoked's position and cancelled the Minister of Interior’s decision to revoke the residency status of four family members of an assailant: the Ministry of Interior has to make new decisions in their matter and if they decide to continue this form of collective punishment must initiate new proceedings accordingly
'I tried not to scream, I was afraid they’d hit me even harder'
Foreign Press, Yael Marom  |  3.12.2017
An Israeli raid on Al-Aqsa compound earlier this year turned violent when hundreds of Palestinian worshippers were beaten, arrested, and marched barefoot through the streets of Jerusalem. Now two young men describe the brutality they faced that night, and the humiliation they encountered while in custody.
Palestinian minors arrested by Israel 'suffer abuse'
Local Press, Linah Alsaafin  |  28.11.2017
Mohammed, 14, was with his friends riding horses in a park in Jerusalem's Old City when the Yassam, a special patrol unit of the Israeli police, arrived at the scene.
For years a Palestinian widower’s humanitarian application remained unanswered: following HaMoked’s petition, the Minister of Interior has decided to give him a stay permit allowing him to remain living in the city legally with his two underage children
Following HaMoked’s petition: reimbursements are now given to Palestinians who recently received Israeli status pursuant to the Minister of Interior’s decision, and earlier on registered with an HMO under the new health regulations
The military continues to impede Palestinians undergoing family unification who need an Israeli driver’s licence: of 47 applications filed in 2016, six were approved, and only for limited use
HaMoked to the Chair of the committee reviewing the extension of the Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law: the committee must present accurate data relating to the Law’s application to children over age 14
At the end of a decade-long legal battle: a stateless Palestinian woman born in East Jerusalem and living there her entire life will receive permanent status in Israel
The HCJ ruled that the Minister of Interior is not authorized to revoke permanent status due to breach of allegiance to the state: however, the decision to revoke the status of four East Jerusalem youths on this ground will not be cancelled for now, to allow the Knesset to make it legal
HaMoked to the Minister of Interior: an adequate solution is needed for Palestinians living in Israel for many years in the framework of the family unification procedure
HaMoked to the Ministry of Interior: the revised procedures for the registration of children under age 14 who have only one parent who is a permanent Israeli resident, are wrongful and illegal
Rapporto denuncia violazioni israeliane contro i minori palestinesi gerosolimitani
Foreign Press  |  31.10.2017
Gerusalemme-PIC. Una rapporto congiunto rilasciato dalle organizzazioni B’Tselem e HaMoked la settimana scorsa ha rivelato clamorose violazioni dei diritti umani commessi dalle forze di occupazione israeliana (IOF) contro i minori palestinesi a Gerusalemme.
Sans défense : la détention des adolescents palestiniens à Jérusalem Est
Foreign Press, Sonia  |  31.10.2017
Des adolescents palestiniens de Jérusalem Est sont tirés de leur lit au milieu de la nuit, menottés sans nécessité, puis contraints à une longue attente avant que ne débute leur interrogatoire. C’est alors seulement que, fatigués et cassés, ils sont embarqués dans de longues séances d’interrogatoire, sans avoir l’opportunité de parler avec un avocat ou leurs parents avant le début des questions...
High Court judgement on granting status to Palestinians who have lived in Israel many years under family unification procedure: For now, there is no place to amend Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law, but it should be softened (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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