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HaMoked to the High Court of Justice: The Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law, which has been extended for about 14 years, requires a fundamental constitutional solution. The Justices: "What has been ruled, stands"
Palestinian who has been living in Israel for many years and raises his four children alone is about to be expelled. HaMoked to the High Court of Justice: it is inconceivable that humanitarian cases will fall in between the bureaucratic chairs and individuals in distress will pay the price
Appeal 1400/17 - Mashur et al. v. Minister of the Interior et al. Expanded Argument on behalf of the Appellants
Appeal  |  1400/16  |  2.2.2017
Appeal 1398/17 - Qunbar et al. v. Minister of Interior et al. Supplementary Arguments on behalf of the Appellants
Appeal   |  1398/17  |  2.2.2017
The deportation of five relatives of the Armon HaNatziv assailant has been prevented for now: the Appeals Tribunal has issued temporary orders suspending the deportation; the state has seven days to respond
Appeal 1399/17 - 'Aweisat v. Minister of Interior Urgent Appeal, Urgent Application for Interim Injunction and Interim Order and Application for Expansion of Arguments
Appeal  |  26.1.2017
HaMoked to the Appeals Tribunal: the decision to revoke the status of the relatives of the Armon HaNatziv attacker, in a swift and unfair proceeding, stems from extraneous considerations and is in complete contrast to the law
Minister of Interior announced yesterday he had revoked the status of relatives of the Armon HaNatziv attacker: “Only immediate and practical acts will deter assailants. I am convinced that the revocation of family members’ status will serve as a warning for others”
Relatives summoned to a Ministry of Interior hearing ahead of the revocation of their Israeli status based only on their family link to the Armon HaNatziv assailant: in addition, at the Ministry of Interior bureau, they suffered humiliating treatment at the hands of the security personnel, who placed them under constant guard
In a draconian step the Minister of the Interior decided to initiate proceedings for the revocation of the status of 13 persons, including minors, residing in East Jerusalem. Their only sin: kinship to the perpetrator who carried out the attack in Armon HaNatziv
Bill for the expulsion of perpetrators' families is on the agenda again in Israel: due to "legal difficulties" the deliberations were postponed by three months
Complaint and scathing protest against the violation of the right to due process
Principal Correspondence  |  11.1.2017
The Minister of Interior announces his intention to revoke the status in Israel of four East Jerusalem residents, relatives of the perpetrator of the attack at Armon HaNatziv: the four have been summoned to a next day hearing ahead of the status revocation; HaMoked: “your conduct is unacceptable… raising concern that this is just a presence-hearing proceeding. We demand you postpone the hearing”
HaMoked to HCJ: State must see to reimbursements for Palestinians who will soon receive status in Israel under the family unification procedure and have already joined health insurance funds under the new health regulations
HaMoked to the Humanitarian Committee: the high cost of the new health insurance for Israeli stay permit holders will harm the most vulnerable; they must be granted status in Israel
Re: Urgent Request regarding the entering into force of the National Health Insurance Regulations (Registration with a Health Fund, Rights and Obligations of the holders of a stay permit according to the Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law (Temporary Order), 5763-2003), 5776-2016
Principal Correspondence  |  20.11.2016
The state keeps dragging its feet in a status reinstatement case: the Supreme Court warns that if no solution is found it will revisit the binding precedent on revocation of status of East Jerusalem residents
Ad (in Arabic) in Al-Quds newspaper: Notice on a Change in the Health Regulations 2016
Press Release  |  17.10.2016
National Health Insurance Regulations (Registration with a Health Fund, Rights and Obligations of the holders of a stay permit according to the Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law (Temporary Order), 5763-2003)(Temporary Order), 5776-2016
Subsidiary Legislation  |  13.10.2016
Following HaMoked’s intervention: Palestinians about to receive Israeli status as part of an ongoing family unification process are exempted from the new health regulations, which obligate joining a costly health insurance arrangement (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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