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In a legal first, the Appels Tribunal accepts HaMoked's request to order the Ministry of Interior to pay trial costs for its contempt of court
HaMoked to the Ministry of Interior: grant legal status to the minor children of residents of East Jerusalem while their status reinstatement is being examined
Legalizing the status of children of permanent residents who have lost their residency and whose parent and guardian's request to commence the procedure for status reinstatement has been approved
Principal Correspondence  |  23.7.2018
With no clear legal authority: the State continues to harm the freedom of movement of Palestinians living in Israel lawfully, by limiting their overseas travel via the Ben Gurion airport
The State in an appeal of an Appeals Tribunal judgment: the Minister of Interior has the authority to deport a woman from her home due to actions attributed to her son
Order Nisi in HaMoked and Ma'an's petition: the State must justify its failure to find a solution for the extreme overcrowding and the intolerable conditions at the entrance to the joint building of the Ministry of Interior and the Employment Services in East Jerusalem
HCJ 1326-17 Odeh et al. v. Population and Immigration Authority Bureaus Department Director Order Nisi
Decision  |  1326/17  |  9.7.2018
The Ministry of Interior is sticking to its decision to deport the relatives of an assailant from Jerusalem: HaMoked appealed the decision
A measure of last resort: The Appeals Tribunal ordered the Ministry of Interior to pay trial costs, in an effort to force it to decide on requests of residents of East Jerusalem within a reasonable timeframe
In Israeli Residency Case, Individual Responsibility vs. Collective Punishment
Academic  |  2.7.2018  |  Liron Libman
From the website of LAWFARE
HaMoked to the HCJ: the "solutions" proposed by the State to alleviate the overcrowding at the entrance to the joint building of the Ministry of Interior and the Employment Services in East Jerusalem, are insufficient
Following a prolonged battle: two of the three daughters of a resident of East Jerusalem, who fell victim to domestic violence, have received residency status in Israel
The State announced its proposed solution for the inhuman conditions at the Ministry of Interior and the Employment Services building in East Jerusalem: Palestinians can now receive services at any Employment Services bureau in the city; no immediate solution to the severe overcrowding at the Ministry of Interior was presented
Permanently temporary: the Knesset extended the validity of the Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law for the eighteenth(!) time, preventing family unification for Palestinians in Israel
Following HaMoked's petition: some 10,000 Palestinians living in Israel by virtue of family unification processes are no longer categorized as "foreign workers"
HaMoked in a petition to the Jerusalem District Court: the amendment enabling revocation of permanent residency for 'breach of loyalty' is illegal, and its retrospective application is invalid
Israeli Court Bans Deportation of Jerusalem Woman Whose Son Stabbed Border Policeman
Foreign Press, Amira Hass  |  28.5.2018
Appellate tribunal overturns Interior Ministry decision to annul residency permit of woman whose son wounded an officer in a 2015 stabbing attack
Palestinians risk losing Jerusalem ID over Israel loyalty law
Foreign Press, Jaclynn Ashly  |  26.5.2018
Israel revoking residencies of Jerusalemites over 'breach of loyalty' is rendering them stateless, rights groups say.
A precedential judgment by the Appeals Tribunal invalidates a decision by the Ministry of Interior to deport from Jerusalem a mother for her son's actions
Trapped between Police and Prison Service negligence and Interior Ministry bureaucracy: Teenager released from prison without his ID card cannot leave his neighborhood. Only following HaMoked's intervention are his personal effects returned

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