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Appeals Tribunal rejects Im Tirtzu motion to join proceedings on revocation of status of an assailant’s relatives
Following HaMoked’s petitions: after years of living with just stay permits and no social security rights, 1,573 Palestinians residing in the Israel in the framework of the family unification procedure receive temporary status
HaMoked to appeals tribunal: Dismiss Im Tirtzu motion to join proceedings challenging status revocation for assailant's relatives
Israel: Jerusalem Palestinians Stripped of Status
Article  |  8.8.2017
From the website of Human Rights Watch
HaMoked to the HCJ: the Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law has been extended automatically again, without any change or effort to limit the scope of harm to the Palestinian population living in the country for years; the Law’s broad repercussions must be reviewed anew
HaMoked to the Labor Court: the National Insurance Institute’s interpretation of the Income Support Law was inconsistent with the law’s objective and disproportionately harmful to Palestinian minors
Is it really a “temporary order”?: the Knesset approves extending the validity of the Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law for the fourteenth year
The cat is out of the bag: Israel revokes the status of blameless people – in the name of “deterrence”, not revenge – because they are family members of an attacker
HaMoked to the Knesset: the Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law should not be extended
Following HaMoked’s petition: the Ministry of Interior will continue extending the status in Israel of Palestinians whose family unification procedure has ended following a change in their marital status, until the ministerial humanitarian committee decides their case
As part of a military pilot-project, Palestinians holding Israeli entry permits are allowed to enter the city of Eilat, until recently “out of bounds”: a year and a half into the project, no conclusions have yet been formulated
State refuses to allow Palestinians living in Israel under family unification to travel abroad via Ben Gurion International Airport for “security reasons”. Information supplied by the army prove this is an empty excuse
Following HaMoked’s petition: Palestinians who registered with an HMO under the new health regulations but have since received or are about to receive Israeli status pursuant to the Minister of Interior’s decision, will be reimbursed
Test case: the Minister of Interior exercises his discretion contrary to the law, and condemns the children of a Jerusalem resident to forever live in the city as tourists, without status or rights
In the Kafkaesque world of the Ministry of Interior: perplexing disregard for the complex situation created by the Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law
Israel continues its "quiet deportation" policy: in 2016, the Ministry of Interior revoked the residency status of 95 Palestinians from East Jerusalem
HaMoked to the Appeals Tribunal: contrary to the procedures and the Supreme Court’s case law, the Ministry of Interior revokes the Israeli status of East Jerusalem minors whose parents relocated abroad
Vindictive policy and collective punishment: the military demolishes the families’ homes, the National Insurance Institute denies benefits, and the Ministry of Interior engages in deportation – thus the state persecutes the relatives of assailants
The Supreme Court in a unanimous decision: the Israeli status of East Jerusalem residents is unique by virtue of the fact that they were born here; therefore, an expired residency status may be restored
HCJ 2211/17 - Abu Jamil et al. v. Minister of Interior et al, Petition for Order Nisi
Petition to HCJ  |  2211/17  |  9.3.2017 (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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