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Kinderverhaftungen – Einschüchterung – Folter – Traumatisierung durch israelisches Militär u. Polizei
Press  |  17.12.2017
Israels Strategie menschenverachtender Besatzungspolitik
13 years after the 2003 shooting death of a West Bank resident by an Israeli soldier: the state agrees to pay the widow and orphans “ex-gratia” compensation
Torterare som hjälps åt
Foreign Press, Lotta Schüllerqvist  |  26.3.2016
Rädsla råder fortfarande i Jerusalem. I skymningen försvinner människorna från gatorna. Restauranger och andra mötesplatser är halvtomma. Både turister och jerusalembor håller sig borta.
HaMoked's Alternative Report to the UN Committee Against Torture (CAT) for consideration of Israel’s Fifth Periodic Report
HaMoked Report  |  20.3.2016
The attack against human rights NGOs continues: a right-wing organization seeks to infiltrate HaMoked by “planting” secret operatives
Re: “The Planted” [“Moles” Campaign]
Principal Correspondence  |  17.12.2015
Im Tirtzu's response to HaMoked's demand to remove the offensive ad and video clip from the internet.
Human Rights Organizations in Israel: Politicians’ calls to police and soldiers to shoot rather than arrest endorse the killing of Palestinians
The war in Gaza 2014: HaMoked updates the UN independent commission of inquiry about recent developments and revelations
Permissive open fire regulations, a "trigger happy" attitude, and indiscriminate destruction: Breaking the Silence publishes a report containing testimonies of Israeli soldiers from the latest round of fighting in the Gaza Strip
This is How We Fought in Gaza: Soldiers׳ testimonies and photographs from Operation "Protective Edge" (2014)
Report  |  4.5.2015
Report by Breaking The Silence organization
After staying abroad for 10 years, while evading compensation payment and performance of community service: a settler convicted of assaulting a Palestinian was arrested upon his return to the country and later released
Israel aumenta la confiscación de propiedades palestinas en Cisjordania
Foreign Press  |  13.10.2014
El Ejército israelí multiplicó de forma ostensible en 2013 la confiscación de propiedades palestinas en Cisjordania ocupada, con 119 órdenes emitidas frente a una sola en 2011, revela hoy el diario progresista local Haaretz.
11 years after beating and degrading an East Jerusalem father in front of his son: 3 officers will pay the father and son 60,000 NIS in compensation
CC 6879/07 - Fakhuri et al. v. Romanenko et al. Judgment
Judgment / Magistrate's Court  |  6879/07  |  7.9.2014
Ad in solidarity with human rights organizations in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, published in Arabic in Al-Quds Newspaper
Press Release  |  7.9.2014
Israeli human rights organizations, including HaMoked, in an ad expressing solidarity with the human rights organizations in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, September 7, 2014
The Attorney General's response to Israeli human rights organizations: no indication that he intends to intiate an external investigation mechanism into the military offensive policy of Israel in the Gaza Strip
Re: Call for the immediate arrangement of a channel for civilians to escape the battle zone
Principal Correspondence  |  24.7.2014
Israeli human rights organizations to the Minister of Defense and the Chief of General Staff: an escape route and a safety zone for the residents of the Gaza Strip must be established immediately
Re: Offensive policy in Gaza in Operation Protective Edge
Principal Correspondence  |  21.7.2014
Translation from the website of ACRI (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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