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Defending Palestinians' Rights - How we make change: Presentation & discussion with Jessica Montell
21 human rights organizations in response to the attack of a Breaking the Silence activist: we will come to Hebron until it is free of occupation
Re: The grave behavior of the Israeli police surrounding the arrest of Jafar Farah, Director of the Mossawa Center for Arab Citizens in Israel
Principal Correspondence  |  21.5.2018
Human rights and civil society organizations severely criticize, in a letter to the Attorney General, the conduct of the Israel Police during the arrest of Mr. Jafar Farah, Director of the Mossawa Center
Human Rights Groups in response to government's decision to deport HRW official: There's no hiding the occupation
HaMoked is proud to congratulate Dalia Kerstein on receiving the 2017 Emil Grunzweig Human Rights Award for Lifetime Achievement
Israeli human rights and civil society NGOs to the Minister of Justice: the investigation into the testimony of “Breaking the Silence” spokesman is meant to silence criticism; we shall keep speaking out for as long as the occupation and its injustices continue
Israeli human rights organizations to the German Ambassador: Your steadfast stand on the side of democratic values at this time, when the Government of Israel seeks to curb our activities, is greatly appreciated
Human rights organizations in Israel express solidarity with Human Rights Watch: "A state that defines itself as democratic cannot turn its border control into a thought police"
Israeli human rights organizations to the Ambassador of Belgium: the demonstration of support of the international community, including the Belgium Government, for the Israeli organizations is important especially in view of Israel’s anti-democratic policy
Israeli human rights organizations: express solidarity with the international aid organizations active in the Gaza Strip and object to attempts to vilify their vital work
Israeli human rights organizations: “We haven't succeed in stopping the ‘NGO Law’, but the Law will not succeed in stopping us”
Re: Stopping anti-democratic legislation
Principal Correspondence  |  15.6.2016
Translation courtesy of Breaking the Silence
Israeli social change and human rights organizations to the President of the State: intervene to stop the anti-democratic wave engulfing Israeli society and the persecution of civil society organizations vital for the protection of democracy
Israeli civil society organizations to the cabinet ministers and the Knesset members: Say no to the NGO Bill, designed to restrict the activity of human rights organizations and hamper their effectivity
Statement of solidarity: Israeli human rights and civil society organisations condemn attacks against Al-Haq
Press Release  |  15.3.2016
Israeli human rights and civil society organizations: we condemn the attacks against our colleagues in Palestinian human rights organizations
Ad in Haaretz newspaper: The transparent spin of the Transparency Law
Press Release  |  26.1.2016
See ad in Hebrew, published by Israeli NGOs, including HaMoked.
Moral myopia: No criminal investigation on suspicion of incitement into right wing movement Im Tirzu, despite the finding that its "foreign agent" ad is "vitriolic, extremely problematic and should not have been published".
Re: Your demand to launch a criminal investigation against Im Tirzu for incitement to murder
Principal Correspondence  |  24.1.2016 (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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