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Terminal Limbo: This Gaza Man Is Stuck in a Room in Abu Dhabi, Unable to Enter the UAE or Go Home
Foreign Press, Gideon Levy  |  20.8.2020
For five months, a Gaza man has been locked up in a small room in Abu Dhabi, even though he’s not guilty of any wrongdoing. Israel and Egypt refuse to allow him to return to Gaza, and the UAE won’t allow him in
HaMoked and other organizations demand that Israel lift the sanctions on Gaza
HCJ 5511/20 - Tzane et al. v. GOC Southern Command et al. Petition for Order Nisi and Request for Urgent Hearing
Petition to HCJ  |  5511/20  |  6.8.2020
Following HaMoked’s petition: the military allows a son who turned 18 to enter Gaza in order to meet his father one last time
Re: Reversing the sweeping ban on travel to and from Gaza in cases other than medical emergencies against the backdrop of the coronavirus crisis
Principal Correspondence  |  19.7.2020
Five human rights organizations to Israeli Defense Minister, COGAT and Attorney General: Immediately lift restrictions on travel to and from Gaza imposed under the guise of the pandemic and admit travel applications for all needs even in the absence of PA coordination
Re: Israel’s obligation to ensure immediate exit and entry by Palestinians - additional letter
Principal Correspondence  |  14.7.2020
Israeli Human Rights organizations to the Minister of Defense: Israel must allow Palestinian travel via Erez Crossing, and allow Gazans to request permits directly, without PA coordination
Re: Israel’s obligation to immediately ensure Palestinians’ travel via Erez Crossing
Principal Correspondence  |  18.6.2020
HaMoked in an urgent petition to the HCJ: Israeli women whose center of life is in Gaza must be allowed to return to their spouses and children living there
Following HaMoked’s letter: the military notified that stay permits of Israelis living with their families in Gaza will be renewed automatically until April 13, 2020
HaMoked to the military: Israelis living with their families in Gaza cannot renew their stay permits at this time; their permits should be renewed automatically
Not sick enough? Only following HaMoked’s petition, the military allowed three sisters to enter Gaza to visit their brother after open-heart surgery
HaMoked in an urgent letter to the military: cancel the new instruction prohibiting the entry of Israeli citizens and residents into the Gaza Strip
Only following HaMoked’s persistence: the military allowed a woman to visit her ill and elderly sister in Gaza, some six months after the application was filed
Military makes mockery of Israeli citizen by first refusing to let her enter Gaza to attend her brother’s wedding and then, following a High Court petition, conceding a one-hour visit with the brother and his bride
Mixed blessing: the military approves an Israeli resident's request to continue living with her husband and children in the Gaza Strip, but if she visits her family in Israel, she would not be allowed to return to Gaza
Again, in this year's holiday season, the military refuses to allow Israelis to go on family visits to Gaza: “the examinations recently conducted … point to an exacerbation of the security risk posed by the exit of Israelis to the Gaza Strip”
Israel denies Palestinians’ basic right to family life: Military prevents “divided families” from uniting in Gaza due to “the state of security”, but removes the block once a High Court petition is filed
Frozen rights: an unacceptable practice prevents Israelis spouses of Gaza residents from entering Gaza, despite the fact that they have a signed military permit to do so (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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