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HaMoked documents systematic violation of rights in the arrest and interrogation of West Bank Palestinian minors. The Israel Police dismisses the criticism and refuses to examine HaMoked's claims unless it provides the affidavits collected from the minors
Palestinian minors arrested by Israel 'suffer abuse'
Foreign Press, Linah Alsaafin  |  25.10.2017
Mohammed, 14, was with his friends riding horses in a park in Jerusalem's Old City when the Yassam, a special patrol unit of the Israeli police, arrived at the scene.
Unprotected: The Detention of Palestinian Teenagers in East Jerusalem
HaMoked Report  |  25.10.2017
New report by HaMoked and B'Tselem: Unprotected – The Detention of Palestinian Teenagers in East Jerusalem
In response to HaMoked’s demand to stop the systematic violation of rights of minors in police interrogation: the Israel Police deplore the fact that “the claims in your letter are stated generally”
Re: Interrogations of Palestinian Minors from the West Bank in Police Stations in Israel
Principal Correspondence  |  8.8.2016
HaMoked to the Israel Police: the mechanism for interrogating Palestinian juveniles causes routine violation of their rights
The Court Presumes: HCJ 5553/09 Public Committee Against Torture in Israel v. Prime Minister of Israel (Judgment of April 26, 2010)
Criticism  |  5553/09  |  1.11.2012  |  Dr. Na’ama Carmi
In a High Court petition filed in 2009, the Committee Against Torture in Israel (PCATI), sought a complete ban on the use of the use of restraints as an interrogation method during Israel security Agency (ISA) interrogations; a ban on restraining in positions that cause humiliation, pain or suffering – with specific reference to several such positions, and publication of clear directives for re...
Following HeMoked's revelation: the military announces it will cease the illegal practice of holding Palestinian detainees at the "Mul Nevo" military base which is not an incarceration facility
Prisons Ordinance (New Version), 1971
Law  |  1.2.2012
Taken from the website of No Legal Frontiers.
CrimApp 8823/07 - Anonymous v. State of Israel Judgment
Judgment / Supreme Court  |  8823/07  |  11.2.2010
Translation from the website of Versa-Cardozo Law translation project.
The Law Applicable to Non-Occupied Gaza: A Comment on Bassiouni v. Prime Minster of Israel
Academic  |  25.2.2009
The paper discusses the relevant legal framework for evaluating the sanctions Israel imposed on the civilian population in Gaza during Operation "Cast Lead", in light of the judgment in Bassiouni, HCJ 9132/07, which dealt with Israel's obligation to provide electricity and fuel to the Gaza Strip. The author assess the HCJ's position in Bassiouni, whereby after disengagement Gaza is not an occup...
HaMoked: Center for the Defence of the Individual filed appeals on behalf of two detainees from Gaza, demanding they be allowed to meet with an attorney: The detainees have been held since 5.1.2009, and are currently being held in an ISA interrogation facility inside Shikma prison
HaMoked: Center for Defence of the Individual and other human rights organizations appeal to the Chief Military Advocate General: Israel is obligated to protect the rights of detainees from Gaza
Exceptions: Prosecution of IDF soldiers during and after the Second Intifada, 2000-2007
Report  |  28.10.2008
A report by Yesh Din on the outcome of indictments against soldiers charged with offences against Palestinians and their property from September 2000 to the end of 2007. The report reveals that indictments have been filed in only 6% of all investigations opened in the period covered by the report. The report also shows that although thousands of Palestinians had been killed in that period, sold...
Backyard Proceedings: The Implementation of Due Process Rights in the Military Courts in the Occupied Territories
Report  |  1.1.2008
From the website of Yesh Din
The military has recently set up a temporary detention camp for Palestinians arrested during military activity in the Gaza Strip. It is located on the border of the Gaza Strip: Information to that effect has recently reached HaMoked – Center for the Defence of the Individual. HaMoked appealed to the Head of the International Law Division in the office of the Military Advocate General requesting...
At least two Lebanese detainees are currently being held in the secret facility: HaMoked contacted the state and demanded that attorneys on its behalf be permitted to visit the detainees immediately. HaMoked’s request was rejected by the state. At the same time, HaMoked requested that an urgent hearing be scheduled in the petition concerning Facility 1391; this petition still awaits a ruling by...
Proposed Criminal Procedure (Enforcement Powers – Detention) (Non-Resident Detainee Suspected of Security Offense) (Temporary Provision) Law, 2005 - 576
Proposed Bill  |  31.10.2005
A proposed bill seeks to worsen the conditions of interrogation and detention of persons who are not residents of Israel. The purpose of the bill is to apply the norms of military law which pertain to the Territories to residents of the Gaza Strip primarily (at this stage). This, despite the fact that following the announcement that military rule in the Strip has ended, its residents must come ...
In a hearing on the petition filed by HaMoked, the court criticized the authorities for holding a detainee in the investigations wing of the Kishon Detention Center without making a record of the detention: The court also held that, as a rule, a detainee being held until the end of legal proceedings and whose interrogation has ended should be held in the framework of the Israel Prisons Service ... (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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