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HaMoked's activity in 2017: overview and statistics
New policy: after demolishing the assailants’ family homes, Israel now files lawsuits against the families
Israel sues heirs of Palestinian ‘lone wolf’ attacker, seeking compensation
Foreign Press, Ruth Eglash  |  5.7.2017
JERUSALEM — The state prosecutor’s office in Jerusalem has filed a precedent-setting lawsuit against the estate of a Palestinian resident of East Jerusalem seven months after the man carried out a car-ramming attack that left four Israelis dead.
In First, Israel Files $2.3 Million Lawsuit Against Palestinian Terrorist's Widow and Children
Foreign Press, Nir Hasson  |  2.7.2017
Precedent-setting suit seeks $572,000 in damages for each of four soldiers killed in Jerusalem truck-ramming attack
Getting Off Scot-Free: Israel’s Refusal to Compensate Palestinians for Damages Caused by Its Security Forces
Report  |  12.3.2017
Source:B'Tselem Website
13 years after the 2003 shooting death of a West Bank resident by an Israeli soldier: the state agrees to pay the widow and orphans “ex-gratia” compensation
Torture in interrogation rooms: six lawsuits submitted through HaMoked over mental and physical damage caused to interrogees at the ISA interrogation facility at Shikma Prison
During a punitive demolition in East Jerusalem, the military caused severe damage to neighboring apartments: the affected families are suing the state over negligence
Thirteen years after a toddler was killed by an Israeli soldier’s gunfire in Gaza: the state finally allowed the father to enter Israel to testify in court about his son’s tragic death
HaMoked to the Court: order state to approve immediate removal of debris from a punitively demolished housing unit in Jabal al-Mukabber in order to prevent further damage to property or life
CC 63728-10-15 - Abu Jamal et al. v. GOC Home Front Command et al. Urgent Motion for a Mandatory Injunction prior to the Submission of a Petition and Request to schedule an Urgent Hearing on the Motion
Complaint  |  63728-10-15  |  30.10.2015
Civil Wrongs Order (State Liability) (Declaration of Enemy Territory – Gaza Strip), 5775-2014
Subsidiary Legislation  |  7.10.2014
Declaration of the Gaza Strip as "Enemy Territory" according to the Civil Wrongs (State Liability) Law, 5712-1952
Proposed Bill  |  7.8.2014
The Knesset approved Amendment No. 8 of Civil Wrongs (Liability of the State) Law: Israel continues to exempt itself from liability for damage caused by its soldiers in the OPT and raises additional obstacles on the way of Palestinians to sue compensation for the damage sustained by them
Civil Wrongs (Liability of the State) Law, 5712-1952 [Full version as of 16.7.2012, including Amendment No. 8]
Law  |  16.7.2012
A decade after the military shot and killed a resident of the Qalandiya Refugee Camp: the state will compensate the deceased's family in the sum of ILS 400,000
Compensation for Civilians Injured by Security Forces Activity: CA 5964/92 Bani ‘Odeh v. State of Israel (Judgment of March 20, 2002)
Criticism  |  5964/92  |  1.2.2011  |  Adv. Alon Margalit
A civilian, resident of the occupied territory, who is not taking part in combat is injured in the course of security forces activity and suffers bodily or property damages. He files a compensation claim against the state with a court in Israel. Israeli statute determines that the state is not civilly liable and is exempt from paying compensation if the damage was incurred in the course of a “w...
The Constitution, Law, and Justice Committee of the Knesset reviews the amendment to the Civil Wrongs (Liability of State) Law: HaMoked reasserts that this is an unconstitutional amendment, aimed at exempting the state from its responsibility for damages it caused to Palestinians of the Occupied Territories
Soldiers Do Not Lie: CC (Jer.) 8811/04 Abu Snineh v. State of Israel (Judgment of November 9, 2009)
Criticism  |  8811/04  |  1.4.2010  |  Adv. Yossi Wolfson
Unit 202 of the Israeli military has a reputation as being a top operations unit. This is judicial knowledge; or so at least according to the judgment of Judge Malka Aviv at the Jerusalem Magistrates Court in the matter of Abu Snineh. I will confess: this author has no idea what Unit 202 is, or what reputation it has gained. Perhaps this is the root of the problem.The verdict concerns events th...
CC (Jer.) 8811/04 Abu Sneina v. State of Israel Judgment
Judgment / Magistrate's Court  |  8811/04   |  9.11.2009
Judgment of the Jerusalem Magistrates' Court dismissing HaMoked's civil claim on behalf of Palestinians whose homes were taken over by the military for ten days, resulting in property damage and theft of valuables. The Court rules that while the statements of both the plaintiffs and the soldiers contained contradictions, those found in the soldiers' versions were immaterial and those found in t... (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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