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HaMoked: Center for the Defence of the Individual is an Israeli human rights organization whose main objective is to assist Palestinians of the Occupied Territories whose rights are violated due to Israel's policies.

This site contains information relating to these human rights violations. It gives the texts of Israeli laws and regulations, including those of the Military Government; international conventions; petitions to the Israeli High Court of Justice; claims for compensation for damages; decisions by Israeli and other courts; and other official documents and reports.
New Report by HaMoked
"Quiet Deportation"

Between 1967 and 2013, 
Israel has revoked the residency status of 14,309 East-Jerusalem Palestinians
Timeline: Punitive House Demolitions
Following HaMoked's petition

Improvement in the conditions at the entrance to the population-administration bureau in East Jerusalem  
"Ceased residency"

Between 1967 and 1994
Israel revoked the residency status of some quarter million Palestinians from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip 
Charting Key Events and Legal Developments by Subject
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Israeli Case-Law under Scrutiny 
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The Occupation from Below – the Personal Stories
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Following the war in Gaza: HaMoked submits its report to the UN independent commission of inquiry into all violations of international law in the context of the military operations in the OPT in the summer of 2014.
Human rights organizations to the Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs: the decision to prevent the visit of the UN Special Rapporteur on the prevention of violence against women in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT) should be reconsidered.
HaMoked heading a group of human rights organizations to the HCJ: a further hearing before an expanded panel should be held in the general petition against punitive house demolitions
HaMoked to HCJ: Instruct the Ministry of Interior to grant status to a West Bank woman whose husband married a second wife, and confine yearly re-examination of the family unification procedure to security issues alone, as security is the basis for the Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law
HaMoked to the Ministry of Interior: retract your decision to deport the widow of one of the perpetrators of the Har Nof terror attack in Jerusalem
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