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In response to HaMoked freedom-of-information request: Israel Prison Service provides data on the number of Palestinian minors in Israeli custody during February-April

In the framework of its efforts to promote the rights of Palestinian minors in detention and interrogation, on May 4, 2020, as before, HaMoked requested under the Freedom of Information Law that the Israel Prison Service (IPS) provide the number of minors classified as security detainees and prisoners held in IPS facilities. (The vast majority of Palestinian minors are classified as security detainees, with a small number held as criminal inmates.)

On May 10, 2020, the IPS sent its response, including a table for the months February-April 2020 (as always, the data is for a specific point during the month). According to the data, during February there were between 193-196 Palestinian minors classified as security inmates in IPS facilities (numbers under three are not specified, so the data is given as a range); in March, the IPS held between 176-181 such minors; and in April between 167-174. All of the minors held during this period were boys, mostly aged 16-18. The majority were held in Damon and Megiddo prisons inside Israel, and in Ofer prison, in the West Bank. Most minors were held in detention (whether for interrogation, following indictment or awaiting sentencing). Between a quarter and third were serving sentences. The response clarifies that during these three months the IPS did not hold any girls, minors under age 14, and minors who are residents of the Gaza Strip.

The IPS did not provide the requested data on minors in administrative detention. In a telephone enquiry, the IPS said that on any given month, less than three minors were held in administrative detention, and therefore data was not provided.

Number of minors held as security detainees/prisoners
District Unit Age Sex Residency status 
Feb. 2020 Mar. 2020 Apr. 2020
Detainee Prisoner Detainee Prisoner Detainee Prisoner
Southern Shikma 16-18 Male West Bank         *  
Central Jerusalem Det. Fac. 14-16 Male East Jerusalem 4   *   *  
    16-18 Male East Jerusalem 6   *   9  
        West Bank            
  Magen-Nitsan Det. Fac. 14-16 Male East Jerusalem            
    16-18 Male East Jerusalem *          
        West Bank *          
  Ofer 14-16 Male West Bank 10   6   5  
    16-18 Male West Bank 41   37 3 34 *
Northern Kishon Det. Fac. 16-18 Male West Bank *       3  
  Damon 14-16 Male East Jerusalem 4 4 4 6 * 5
        West Bank 4   4   4  
    16-18 Male East Jerusalem 13 11 16 11 13 14
        West Bank 22 10 27 8 25 4
  Megiddo 14-16 Male West Bank 3   * * * *
    16-18 Male East Jerusalem     *   *  
        West Bank 27 31 26 23 22 22
  Tsalmon 16-18 Male West Bank            
Total 134 56 120 51 115 45

* An asterisk means a number under three, i.e., one or two minors. (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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