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Following HaMoked's demand to revise the updated procedure of the Inter-Ministerial Committee for Granting Status on Humanitarian Grounds: stateless people will be able to submit requests to the Committee even though they do not hold passports

Many East Jerusalem Palestinians do not hold citizenship or residency status anywhere in the world. These people's stateless status stems from a variety of reasons, mostly linked to the many bureaucratic obstacles Israel imposes to registering children of East Jerusalem Palestinians with the Ministry of Interior.

On February 11, 2018, HaMoked submitted a request to the Ministry of Interior to revise the procedure of the Inter-Ministerial Committee for Granting Status on Humanitarian Grounds. HaMoked claimed that the procedure precludes stateless people from submitting requests to the Committee, due to the requirement that applicants present "a passport valid for two years beyond the validity of the requested visa". HaMoked stressed that by definition, stateless people don't hold a passport – and as such it should be clearly stated in the procedure that this requirement does not apply to them. HaMoked further demanded the correction of the clause stating that in cases of missing supporting documents or details, applicants must complete them within ten days. For the Committee's applicants, who mostly come from disadvantaged backgrounds and struggle with any interaction with bureaucracy, such a short timeframe for submitting additional documents is an unreasonable and unfair demand.

In a response from October 10, 2018, the Ministry of Interior claimed that there are few cases of "stateless people from East Jerusalem", and that their few requests are examined on an individual basis. It was further noted that HaMoked can submit individual requests on behalf of people in this situation to the Ministry's Bureau in East Jerusalem. While the Ministry did not explicitly address the revocation of the requirement to submit a passport valid for two years along with requests for status on humanitarian grounds, its response opens a door to submitting requests on behalf of Palestinians who live in East Jerusalem with no status anywhere in the world.

In response to HaMoked's claim regarding extension of the timeframe for submitting additional documents, the Ministry stated that the timeframe defined in the procedure "is… reasonable and as a rule, individual judgment is applied to each request, in accordance with the circumstances of the case".

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