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In an unusual step, the military accepted an objection submitted by HaMoked against a punitive demolition order: the home in Aqraba will not be demolished due to the "circumstances of the matter"

On April 2, 2018, the military announced its intention to demolish the home of the suspected assailant in a stabbing attack which took place on March 18, 2018 in the Old City of Jerusalem, resulting in the death of an Israeli citizen. The suspected assailant was killed in the attack. His parents, three siblings, wife and three minor children live in the home that was slated for demolition.

HaMoked submitted an objection against the demolition order, and on September 5, 2018, the military announced that, having reviewed the circumstances of the case, it decided not to demolish the house.

HaMoked stresses that demolishing the homes of people who commit attacks (or are suspected of doing so) constitutes collective punishment, contrary to international law and to the basic principle in every legal system (including Israeli law) according to which a person cannot be punished for acts he or she did not commit. Home demolitions do not replace criminal punishment; in most cases, the people to whom the attacks are attributed are either imprisoned or killed. The people most harmed by punitive home demolitions are the residents of the demolished homes, who are not suspected of any wrongdoing. (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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