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Following HaMoked’s petition against the military’s intention to complete a punitive demolition of a West Bank residential unit demolished a year earlier: the remaining parts of the targeted floor will be sealed rather than demolished, to prevent damage to the ground floor where the family lives

On August 4, 2016, the military demolished – with the approval of the High Court of Justice – the top floor of a two-story house in Yatta, Hebron District, the home of the parents and siblings of the incarcerated perpetrator of an attack against Israelis in June 2016. For some unknown reason, while demolishing the floor, the military opted to leave one room and an adjacent lavatory intact. But about a year later, the military announced it intended “to complete the demolition of the remainder of the second floor”, based on information “about use made by the terrorist’s family members of the part of the structure that was not demolished completely”.

Following HaMoked's petition against this decision, filed on July 30, 2017, the parties reached an agreement whereby the remaining parts of the floor would be sealed with injected foam, rather than demolished, thus averting potential damage to the ground floor where the family lives. It was also decided that the family would be given a 48-hour notice before the sealing would be carried out. Thereupon, the parties jointly requested the court to delete the petition.

The date of the sealing is yet to be set. (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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