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Following HaMoked’s objection: the military returned money it had confiscated as alleged “terror funds”. In 2014 alone, the military seized five million ILS from Palestinians

On July 7, 2015, a Jordanian woman arrived at the Allenby Bridge border crossing on her way to the West Bank to attend her brother’s wedding. During the security check at the crossing, the woman found was carrying the sum of 2,400 Jordanian Dinars, which she claimed were meant for her brother’s wedding. Despite that, and without any explanation, the Israel Security Agency (ISA) agent who was present there claimed that the money was destined for terror causes, and that the burden of proof was on the woman’s brother. The money was confiscated and the woman was given a police document as to the seizure; this, despite the fact that at no time was a written order issued by the military commander authorising the seizure.

On July 26, 2015, HaMoked filed an objection to the seizure of the woman’s money, and demanded to know the legal authority for it.

In September 10, 2015, a notice arrived from the military, stating, without any explanation or clarification, that it was decided to give back the woman’s money.

HaMoked wishes to emphasize that this is phenomena rather than an isolated incident. Having received numerous complaints about the seizure of Palestinian money and property at Allenby Bridge and the West bank, HaMoked sent the military an application under the Freedom of Information Law in April 2015, seeking to find out about the extent of the phenomena. From the military’s response, dated July 1, 2015, it emerges that during 2014, 107 seizure orders were issued by the military commander in the West Bank; of them, 60 related to seizures at Allenby Bridge. In 2014 alone, some five million ILS were seized from Palestinians. According to the figures, in 35 of the cases of that year, the money was ultimately returned to its owners following the filing of an objection.

As to the figures for 2015, the military stated that until the beginning of July – i.e., the date of the letter – seven such orders had been issued, pursuant to which ILS 190,000 were seized, among other things. However, according to the military’s recent response, dated September 17, 2015, it appears that by mid-August 2015, the military commander had signed 41 orders for the seizure of money and property owned by Palestinians. In 30 of these cases, the seizures were made at Allenby Bridge. (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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