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After staying abroad for 10 years, while evading compensation payment and performance of community service: a settler convicted of assaulting a Palestinian was arrested upon his return to the country and later released

For the past 13 years, HaMoked has been handling a tort case concerning the vicious assault of a Palestinian man by a settler near the Metzad settlement in 2000. Before the beating, the settler and his two associates also bashed and damaged the Palestinian's car. The Palestinian appealed for help from a soldier stationed nearby, but was ignored. Two of the victim's ribs were broken in the attack.

The assailant, Zion Dadovich – a former Kach activist (far right wing movement) who had previously been arrested and released following questioning on suspicion of series of terror attacks against Palestinians – was charged. On January 16, 2003, Dadovich was convicted and sentenced to four months of community service and four months of suspended sentence. He was also ordered to pay the victim ILS 1,500 in compensation. His appeal to the District Court was rejected.

In July 2004, the assault victim filed a civil suit via HaMoked for damages against the convicted assailant and the State of Israel. On February 23, 2006, the court awarded the victim damages in the sum of ILS 75,000, and ILS 11,000 in costs. Of the total sum, the State of Israel paid the plaintiff ILS 40,000 for its vicarious liability, plus 15% in attorney fees. The remainder was to be paid by Dadovich himself, but for years, he ignored HaMoked's letters; he also evaded paying the punitive compensation (ILS 1,500) imposed in the criminal proceedings, and did not perform the imposed community service. HaMoked later learned that the man was probably staying in the USA, despite the stay of exit order issued against him.

HaMoked has recently discovered that on August 15, 2014, Dadovich returned to the country and immediately arrested for evading his four months' community service.

Dadovich petitioned the court to order his release and requested that another administrative hearing be held regarding the community service sentence. On August 28, 2014, the court rejected the petition and decided to leave him in custody. However, the court instructed that another administrative hearing be held on issue of the community service, following which, the court would issue a new decision. It seems that later on, the court decided to order Dadovich's release from jail.

HaMoked will continue pursuing every effort to make sure Dadovich pays the victim the compensation imposed on him by the court. (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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