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The military confiscated money belonging to a Palestinian doctor at Allenby Bridge: HaMoked appealed the decision and demanded the army hold a hearing for the woman

On January 31, 2013, a Palestinian doctor working as a medical resident in a hospital in Jordan arrived at the Allenby Bridge on her way to visit her family in the West Bank. On the Israeli side of the border crossing, the young doctor was interrogated by an Israel Security Agency (ISA) agent. He questioned her, among other things, about a sum of money she had with her, 1,000 Jordanian Dinars she had saved to help her impoverished family in Nablus. The ISA agent confiscated the money at the end of the interrogation. The "confiscation form" the young doctor was given stated that the money had been seized on "suspicion of the transfer of funds to unauthorized association".

About a week later, when the doctor returned to the Allenby Bridge on her way back to her work in Jordan, she was told she was precluded from travel abroad. She was able to go to Jordan only after HaMoked filed a petition on her behalf, and after she undertook not to return to the West Bank for two years.

On August 12, 2013, in a letter responding HaMoked's inquiry, the army repeated its account that the money was confiscated due to "reliable intelligence information" that the funds belonged to an "unauthorized association". A copy of the confiscation order was attached.

On August 29, 2013, HaMoked appealed the confiscation order to the military court at Ofer, claiming that the confiscation was unlawful given that the security forces had denied the woman's right to a hearing, made no allegation regarding a security-related offense on her part and failed to provide sufficient grounds for the confiscation. In response to the instructions of the military court, the army provided HaMoked with a brief statement saying only that the doctor had in her possession: "Monies belonging to Hamas which she helped transfer into the area". In its updating notice to the military court, HaMoked stated that there had been severe flaws in the confiscation process - it was unclear which regulation provided the basis for the confiscation and the brief statement provided by the army was insufficient for holding a hearing on the cause for the confiscation. (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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