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HCJ 1248/17 - Dufish et al. v. Minister of Interior et al. Urgent Petition for Order Nisi and Urgent Motion for Interim Order
Court Documents | 1248/17 | 7.2.2017

HaMoked's petition to instruct the State to extend the stay permit of a Palestinian who has been living in Israel for 20 years, and prevent his expulsion. The man is raising four of his five children alone (the eldest has reached adulthood) after divorcing their mother, a resident of the city. The Ministry of Interior is refusing to extend the man's permit, claiming it is not within the humanitarian committee's authority to do so, though the man's status has previously been extended by the committee. HaMoked claims that the Ministry of Interior's refusal to extend the status of the father and others in similar circumstances is contrary to regulations, and that the decision discriminates against residents of the occupied territories, is extremely unreasonable and harms the right to family life and the children's best interest.

A Palestinian man living in Israel for many years and raising his four children alone is about to be expelled. HaMoked to the High Court of Justice: it is inconceivable that humanitarian cases will fall between cracks of bureaucracy at the expense of individuals in distress
Following HaMoked’s petition: the Ministry of Interior will continue extending the status in Israel of Palestinians whose family unification procedure has ended following a change in their marital status, until the ministerial humanitarian committee decides their case (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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