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Appeal 1399/17 - 'Aweisat v. Minister of Interior Urgent Appeal, Urgent Application for Interim Injunction and Interim Order and Application for Expansion of Arguments
Court Documents | 26.1.2017

An urgent appeal by HaMoked against the Ministry of Interior's decision to revoke the status of the son of a resident of Israel and a resident of the West Bank. The man, who has been living in Jerusalem with his family for 9 years, is the nephew of the assailant in a vehicular attack from January 2016 in Jerusalem. Following the attack, the Ministry of Interior announced the revocatin of the man's status. HaMoked maintains that the man has no connection to his cousin's actions and disagrees with them, and that the motive for the status revocation is "to please the masses through collective punishment, in the name of revenge and deterrence". HaMoked claims the decision is illegal, contradictory to precedent and regulations, and seriously harms the man and his family's right to family life.

HaMoked to the Appeals Tribunal: the decision to revoke the status of the relatives of the Armon HaNatziv attacker, in a swift and unfair proceeding, stems from extraneous considerations and is in complete contrast to the law
The deportation of five relatives of the Armon HaNatziv assailant has been prevented for now: the Appeals Tribunal has issued temporary orders suspending the deportation; the state has seven days to respond
HaMoked to appeals tribunal: Dismiss Im Tirtzu motion to join proceedings challenging status revocation for assailant's relatives
The Appeals Tribunal accepted HaMoked's position and cancelled the Minister of Interior’s decision to revoke the residency status of four family members of an assailant: the Ministry of Interior has to make new decisions in their matter and if they decide to continue this form of collective punishment must initiate new proceedings accordingly (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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