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HCJ 1629/16, 1631/16, 1638/16 - 'Amar, 'Aliwa, Saih et. al. v. Commander of IDF Forces in Judea and Samaria Judgment
Judgment | 1629/16 | 20.4.2016
The HCJ approved a punitive home demolition in one petition and issued an order nisi in two others: the two suspects were on the outer circle of assailants and their cases warrant further review
Following the HCJ’s order nisi requiring the state to justify the planned demolition of two homes in Nablus: the state opts to reversibly seal one of the homes, but insists on demolishing the other
The HCJ revokes one punitive demolition order and upholds another: Regulation 119 may be implemented against “indirect” culprits if their actions were crucial for the “realization of the attack” (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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