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HCJ 5135/14, 5136/14, 5498/14, 6209/14, 6211/14, 6404/14, 6713/14, 8408/14 - Nufal, Mahamid et al. v. Knesset of Israel et al. Petitioners' Response to Respondents' Notice
Court Documents | 19.4.2016

HaMoked's response to the State's notice in a number of petitions, including HaMoked's, regarding Palestinians involved in family unification processes with permanent residents, who have been living in Israel for years with no residency status. The State announced that it will grant these people temporary residency status, if their request was submitted by the end of 2003 and approved, having met the threshold criteria. HaMoked claims that the State is not providing a satisfactory solution to the problems described in its petitions, and that a unified criterion needs to be applied for granting status to Palestinians living in Israel by virtue of family unification processes - which is the amount of time they have lived in Israel.

In response to the Minister of Interior’s decision to grant temporary status in Israel to some 2000 Palestinians living in the country in the framework of family unification processes: HaMoked demands the application of a uniform principle to all Palestinian spouses and their children, based on lengthy period of life in Israel (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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