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HCJ 1635/16 - Abu Kaf et al. v. Government of Israel et al. Petition for Order Nisi
Court Documents | 1635/16 | 28.2.2016
HaMoked in a petition to the HCJ against the revocation of Israeli status of four East Jerusalem residents: “the thin line between punishment, retribution and plain revenge has been crossed in the petitioners’ case and the state’s response to their acts”
State's notice to the HCJ: request to submit the response to the petition against the revocation of status of four East Jerusalem men only after judgment is delivered on the public petition on this issue
The HCJ ruled that the Minister of Interior is not authorized to revoke permanent status due to breach of allegiance to the state: however, the decision to revoke the status of four East Jerusalem youths on this ground will not be cancelled for now, to allow the Knesset to make it legal
HaMoked contests revocation of status of four East Jerusalem residents for “breach of allegiance to the State”: retroactive application of unconstitutional legislation (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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