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HCJ 7040/15, 7076/15, 7077/15, 7079/15, 7081/15, 7082/15, 7084/15, 7085/15, 7087/15, 7092/15, 7180/15, Haj Hamed et al. v. The Military Commander of the West Bank Area Judgment
Judgment | 7076/15 | 12.11.2015

Judgment on 11 petitions submitted against punitive home demolition orders issued by the military for six homes in the West Bank. Six petitions were submitted on behalf of the families, and five others on hehalf of neighbors or landlords. The Court rules that the purpose of home demolitions is deterrent rather than punitive, and approves the demolition of five of the homes. The Court rules that an additional house, which is owned by an unrelated third party, will not be demolished, subject to the removal of the assailant's family from it. The judges further remark that "when innocent third parties, who are not related to the assailant and were unaware of his intentions, may be harmed by the demolition... it is appropriate to condition the demolition on fixing any accidental damage or compensating for it".

HCJ rules in petitions against six punitive house demolitions in the West Bank: Demolition of 5 homes goes ahead, demolition of rented apartment cancelled
Easy to destroy, harder to rebuild: the military announced its plan to demolish anew a structure it had already punitively demolished in a negligent manner, on the grounds of illegal construction; HaMoked petitioned the HCJ (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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