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Procedure for Processing Applications for Grant of an Israeli Residency Visa for Minors Born in Israel with Only One Parent who is Registered as an Israeli Permanent Resident under Regulation 12 of the Entry into Israel Regulations 5734-1974 (Last revised: 19.04.2015)
Other | 19.4.2015

In the new procedure for processing applications to register children who were born in Israel to only one parent who is a permanent resident, it is determined that requests to register children submitted before the completion of two years of "center of life" in Israel will no longer be rejected out of hand, but will remain pending until the family has lived in Israel for two years - when it will be decided whether to approve the request, subject to proof of "center of life" in Israel. This means that a child's status will be determined by his age at the time the request was submitted, and not his age when the family has successfully proven two years of "center of life". However, the new procedure clearly states that this policy only applies to requests submitted after September 1, 2013.

Following a Supreme Court appeal, the Ministry of Interior amended its procedures for registering children with only one Israeli resident parent: the change may allow children – who live in Israel with stay permits only – to receive permanent status in the country (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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