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AAA 3268/14 - Al-Haq v. Minister of Interior Application to Join as Amicus Curiae
Court Documents | 3268/14 | 25.6.2015
Amicus curiae application by HaMoked and the Association for Civil Rights in Israel to join proceedings in an appeal against the District Court's dismissal of a petition to cancel the Ministry of Interior's decision not to restore an East Jerusalem resident's permanent residency status, revoked because he acquired American citizenship in childhood. The organizations assert that the Awad judgment on status revocation must be revisited in light of all the legal norms applying to East Jerusalem and the changed reality of life there; that the East Jerusalem Palestinians are not only "Israeli residents", but also protected persons under the laws of occupation who are entitled to remain in the occupied territory and return there even after living away for some years.
HaMoked and ACRI request to join proceedings as amicus curiae in a case concerning the revocation of status of an East Jerusalem resident: the stipulations on the unique status of the East Jerusalem residents must be reexamined
The Supreme Court in a unanimous decision: the Israeli status of East Jerusalem residents is unique by virtue of the fact that they were born here; therefore, an expired residency status may be restored (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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