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HCJ 813/14, 5135/14 - Anon., Nofal et al. v. Knesset of Israel et al. Decision
Judgment | 5135/14 | 8.6.2015
Court decision directing the state to submit an updating notice by August 5, 2015, in a group of petitions filed by HaMoked and several attorneys, which were consolidated for hearing by the court. The petitions concern Palestinians who have been living in Israel for many years pursuant to renewable stay permits issued as part of family unification processes. In its petitions, HaMoked requested, inter alia, that an exemption be established in the Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law to allow upgrading the status of this group of people. The court determines that following the state's notice, it would decide whether to issue an order nisi or a judgement in the petitions or schedule them for a hearing before an expanded panel.
At the end of a hearing on petitions to grant Israeli status to Palestinians living in the country for many years in the framework of the family unification procedure: the court orders the state to announce if it intends to revise the Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law
With no end in sight: for the 16th time now, the Knesset has approved the prolongation of the Citizenship and Entry into Israel Law (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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