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Re: Application under the Freedom of Information Law on Revocation of Residency Status of Permanent Residents in Jerusalem in 2014
Other | 5.1.2015

HaMoked's Freedom of Information request to receive data regarding status revocation of permanent residents of East Jerusalem in 2014. HaMoked requests information regarding the number of residents whose status has been revoked, and the grounds for revocation. The request was submitted as part of HaMoked's battle against the "quiet deportation" Israel is waging against the Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem.

Israel continues its "quiet deportation" policy: in 2014, the Ministry of Interior revoked the residency status of 107 Palestinians from East Jerusalem
In response to HaMoked’s freedom of information application, the Ministry of Interior announces for the first time: a lenient policy is to be implemented in processing applications for restoration of Israeli status (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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