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HCJ 4047/13, AAA 7212/12 - Hadri et al. v. The Prime Minister, Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu et al. Response and Notice on behalf of the Petitioners and the Appellants
Court Documents | 4047/13 | 29.9.2014

HaMoked's response to the State's notice in HaMoked's petition to instruct the Prime Minister to revoke decision 3598 prohibiting family unification of Israeli's with residents of the Gaza Strip. HaMoked claims that the exceptions defined by the State only partially comply with the Court's instructions, and contradict the tenor of statements made in the hearing. HaMoked claims that the State ignores the fact that since the year 2000, it has barred those living in the West Bank, but registered as residents of Gaza, from changing their address. Additionally, the time period set by the State for the second exception does not prevent the Government's decision from causing retroactive harm, since the decision - adopted over a year later - expands the application of clause 3D to the law and prohibits discretion in relation to these requests.

Following the state's notice: HaMoked requests the court to order that the exceptions to the sweeping denial policy of family unification applications in Israel of Gaza Strip residents or persons who are registered as Gaza Strip residents be expanded
The HCJ rejected HaMoked's petition against Government Resolution 3598: the judgment closes the door on family unification between Israelis and Gaza Strip residents (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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