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HCJ 8091/14 - HaMoked: Center for the Defence of the Individual et al. v. Minister of Defense et al. Transcript
Other | 8091/14 | 3.12.2014
Transcript of the hearing in the public petition filed by HaMoked and seven other human rights organizations asking the court to revisit the legality of punitive house demolition. In the hearing, the state claimed that the justification for this practice is not punishment but deterrence of potential assailants. The organizations questioned this claim and also the efficacy of demolition for deterrence. They also stressed that in any event, harm to innocent people should not be based on a slim chance of future deterrence. At the end of the hearing, the justices announced that a decision in the petition would be issued soon.
Court hears three petitions against punitive house demolitions: Justice to issue ruling soon
The court denied the general petition filed by HaMoked and other human rights organizations against the punitive house demolition policy: the court ruled that the state had the authority to demolish houses, but it should exercise it proportionately
HaMoked heading a group of human rights organizations to the HCJ: a further hearing before an expanded panel should be held in the general petition against punitive house demolitions
The HCJ dismissed the motion for further hearing before an expanded panel in the public petition against punitive home demolitions: Court President Naor ruled that “this petition, at the time it was filed, was not the optimal vehicle for the applicants’ arguments…” (02) 627 1698   (02) 627 6317

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